vivo Malaysia recently uncovered a worrying spread of counterfeit vivo cellphones in the market. These counterfeit products offer a considerable danger to users who may acquire them unintentionally, resulting in serious safety issues and a lack of support.

To safeguard customers from such fraudulent actions, vivo Malaysia has issued a warning and recommendations to assist users in distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit vivo smartphones. The following models have been recognized as common counterfeiting targets:

S1S1 ProV11l
V9 YouthY11Y12

Users are recommended to take the following procedures to confirm the validity of a vivo smartphone:

  1. Visit the official vivo Malaysia support website
  2. Enter the IMEI 1 of the smartphone

If the smartphone is genuine, all relevant information about the device will be displayed.

In the case of a fake smartphone, the website will indicate that the IMEI is not supported

Users can call the vivo Malaysia helpline at 1800-81-2836 for additional assistance and verification. Customer support professionals will be able to determine if the purchased gadget is genuine or counterfeit.

To ensure the authenticity of your vivo smartphone, it is recommended to make your purchase from the authorised channels below:

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