SPRITZER today announced the launch of the Company’s latest sustainability effort, label-free, 100% recyclable bottles for Spritzer silica-rich Natural Mineral Water, as part of the company’s commitment to decrease plastic consumption while minimizing environmental effect.

The quality of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water stays consistent, with water sourced from a pristine protected spring in Taiping, Perak. The bottles are made of reclaimed plastics that may be recycled. The silica-rich Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is outstanding in flavor and has been awarded three stars in the outstanding flavor Award 2022 by the Brussels-based International Taste Institute. The label-free bottles will have a restricted distribution at first and are currently available on the Spritzer online store and Spritzer EcoPark.

The Spritzer Natural Mineral Water 1.25-litre and 550-millilitre alternatives are now label-free, allowing consumers to enjoy well-balanced, quality water that is ideal for coffee or tea making and cooking.

This newest ecological packaging idea is part of our ongoing efforts to become a completely circular brand by 2030. Because we owe everything to nature, it is now more crucial than ever for us to deliver customers our natural mineral water in a more sustainable manner.

Spritzer pushes everyone to be more environmentally conscious as part of his ESG initiatives. We can make a tremendous difference in the health of our world for future generations by taking tiny efforts toward sustainability, such as buying eco-friendly items.

The label-free Spritzer Natural Mineral Water may be purchased at Spritzer EcoPark, https://shop.spritzer.com.my/spritzer.os, https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/spritzer/, or https://shoppee.com.my/spritzer.os.

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