HONOR Malaysia is pleased to announce the start of its Trade-In Program, which allows users to trade in their old smartphones and earn an RM300 immediate return when purchasing the new HONOR Magic5 Series. This unique promotion is accessible in HONOR Experience Store, Senheng, and Urban Republic locations.

The HONOR Magic5 Series is the ideal companion if you want to improve your smartphone experience. This series is a game changer in the world of mobile technology, thanks to its revolutionary features and gorgeous design.

Trade-In for HONOR Magic5 Series

Whatever brand you have, this special program opens every eligibility that allows you to upgrade to the current HONOR series and save BIG! Visit us at the HONOR Experience Store, Senheng, or Urban Republic locations to take advantage of this limited-time promotion. Purchase your preferred HONOR Magic5 or HONOR Magic5 Pro (or both) and get the substantial RM300 refund right away!

Don’t worry, once you arrive, trained professionals will walk you through the trade-in procedure and assist you in selecting the ideal HONOR Magic5 for you. So it’s really that simple! Visit https://www.hihonor.com/my/shop/trade-in/ to learn all you need to know about the trade-in.

HONOR Magic5 Series: The Game Changer of Photography

The HONOR Magic5 Series introduces unique features to improve your photographic experience. With its “Falcon Triple Main Camera System,” the HONOR Magic5 series introduces cutting-edge technology to the market, boasting the quickest capturing speed on the market with its remarkable speed and precision, allowing users to capture even the most ephemeral moments with simplicity and clarity.

The improved features of the Millisecond Falcon record feature allow you to instantly stop motion, intelligently record grins, leaps, and sprinting moments, avoiding the need for several shutter pushes and manual photo selection.

Say goodbye to the aggravation of missed shots and hazy photographs. From recording fast-paced sporting events to photographing lighthearted moments, the HONOR Magic5 Pro enables users to simply snap the ideal image with incredible precision and speed.

The Magic of Millisecond Falcon Capture

Capturing moving subjects like as runners, bikers, dancers, and others needs exact timing and a significant amount of work to freeze the moment. To meet this challenge, the HONOR R&D team significantly improved the HONOR Magic5 Pro’s picture cache, raising its capacity from a double cache of 0.2 seconds to an outstanding maximum of 1.5 seconds. This enlarged picture cache guarantees that a large number of photographs are saved in the backend, giving photographers plenty of possibilities.

Furthermore, to improve its intelligent AI recognition technology, the HONOR Magic5 Pro features a sophisticated AI algorithm created by the HONOR R&D team. This ground-breaking innovation allows the device to automatically pick the best image from a continuous burst of photographs acquired by the camera, beginning one second before and ending 0.5 seconds after the shutter is pressed. Users may snap the perfect moment without compromising by removing any delays in the capturing process.

While photographing animals might be difficult owing to their erratic movements, the HONOR Magic5 Pro rises to the task. This smartphone records motion with extraordinary accuracy thanks to the innovative Millisecond Falcon Capture technology, allowing users to tell compelling tales and convey a feeling of movement with unsurpassed clarity and surprising speed.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro is available in two lovely colors: Meadow Green and Black, while the HONOR Magic5 is available in Glacier Blue and Black. These intriguing colours, inspired by nature’s beauties, not only show your originality but also compliment your own style.

Unlock the power of the HONOR Magic5 Series and embark on a new era of smartphone photography that exceeds all expectations. For more information, please visit https://www.hihonor.com/my/shop/trade-in/

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