Some of us are concerned about our security and privacy. In this day and age, individuals, particularly those born into a technological world like Gen Z, are acutely aware of how we use our data, or should we say, how others use our data… and what the ramifications are if we don’t. You’ll be happy to discover that there are methods to reclaim your security and privacy without going off the grid and becoming a legend like Bigfoot.

Control of your own Permissions Manager

Have you ever discussed a product with a buddy, only to have an ad for the same thing come up on your phone later? Or have you ever passed by a street and then saw an advertisement for a restaurant in that area? Then it’s time to restrict your applications’ access to your data.

On your Galaxy A series, navigate to Permissions Manager. Permissions Manager, as the name indicates, allows you to control which applications have access to your camera, microphone, location, and other features. Choose whether to allow access all the time, only while using the app, ask every time, or reject.

One in a million

Your Galaxy A series will also make security recommendations, such as tightening your p@s$w0rD!!!! or enabling biometric screen lock. If you want to be completely certain that no one, whether a curious friend or a thief, can access your smartphone, biometrics is the best approach to protect your Galaxy A series. Because you’re one in a million, you have the option of fingerprint or face recognition.

Share with care

The Galaxy A series’ Private send function allows you to send files privately and prohibit receivers from resharing them by producing read-only copies and banning screenshots. Files can also have expiration dates specified.

542, just for you

On the Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, and Galaxy A24, you can get 5 years of security upgrades, 4 times Android OS updates, and a 2-year guarantee. This means you’ll continue to get security updates, as well as performance and stability enhancements, for a worry-free ownership experience. These updates keep your smartphone up to date with the newest security technologies for much longer after purchase, improving its value.

Get awesome freebies when you purchase the Galaxy A24

When you buy the Galaxy A24 between now and 30 June 2023, you will receive a free 1-year extended warranty at RM99 as well as a free clear case worth RM79.

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