Smartphones include our complete universe, from financial services to personal and sensitive data storage, as well as private business files. The Galaxy Note series was that world for many. As technology advances, we change alongside it, becoming more conscious of security and privacy concerns, as well as more cautious in safeguarding ourselves from online hazards, such as downloading the most recent software updates.

The newest Galaxy S23 Ultra has 5 years of security upgrades and 4 generations of Android OS updates, so you can be confident that you’re getting best-in-class protection for a longer period of time. With Knox, you don’t have to worry about getting hacked or malware and spyware intrusions. With this guarantee, you won’t worry about information leaks, especially when it comes to payment information, and you can utilize applications like Samsung Wallet with complete confidence.

There are additional benefits to Samsung’s Privacy Protection features that provide you more peace of mind. For example, you may restrict third-party apps’ access to select photographs or videos you approve, while other data in your storage remain unavailable. You may also share files securely and avoid resharing by using read-only versions, restricting screenshots, and setting expiration dates for files.

Customers who purchase any model between now and 30 June will receive an extra refund of up to RM1,000.

Galaxy S23256GBRM300
Galaxy S23+512GBRM500
Galaxy S23 Ultra512GBRM500
Galaxy S23 Ultra1TBRM1,000

For eco-conscious customers, you can also trade in and receive an RM500 immediate reimbursement! It is time to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra :

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