The much awaited release of the vivo Y36 series in Malaysia! The vivo Y36 series, defined as an amazing mix of aesthetics and functionality, will establish a new standard in the world of budget-friendly 5G smartphones.

The vivo Y36 series has a striking design with its magnificent 6.64 inch notch display and appealing Semporna Green (Semporna Hijau) color choice. This color is reminiscent of the sparkling sea in Semporna, Sabah, which reflects its crystal-clear waters.
The vivo Y36 series not only excels in appearances, but it also packs a tremendous punch in terms of performance, determined to provide users with a smartphone that is both visually beautiful and powerful.

Despite its amazing features, the vivo Y36 series is priced unimaginably low in order to provide Malaysians with an exceptional budget smartphone experience.
This also demonstrates vivo Malaysia’s dedication to providing great quality and performance, especially in low-cost options. The vivo Y36 series combines incredible pricing with outstanding functionality, making it the ideal alternative for cost-conscious consumers who seek the best.

Stay tuned for more on the launch of the new vivo Y36 in Malaysia. For more information, follow vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.

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