Just because a smartphone is inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t have the same wonderful features as its more expensive siblings. The Galaxy A series has produced several champions, including the newest Galaxy A24, and is a favorite of many for its inclusive adaptability despite its low price. The Galaxy A24, like its siblings and relatives, has some of the same great DNA.

Samsung introduced technologies like Quick Share, Modes & Routines, and Samsung Wallet to make your day easier because Samsung understands you! Let’s examine how it affects your day-to-day life.

Quick Share for work and play

Being a family member teaches you that sharing is caring. It’s time to share the images and films you’ve shot of each other after every family event. Using a link or QR code, you may Quick Share those memories from your Galaxy A24 with any nearby Galaxy device, or even with non-Galaxy devices.

In addition to family photographs, you may Quick Share items with your pals, such as restaurant or ride-sharing receipts, to share the payment. Alternatively, you may Quick Share work files with colleagues when away from the keyboard. You may Quick Share practically any type of material, including multimedia assets such as audio, movies, photos, and documents. It transports data quickly and does not require a connection to a Wi-Fi router or the internet.

Modes & Routines

We’re addicted to our phones from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, yet as much as we enjoy observing our friends, gaming, watching movies, buying online, and texting everyone, updating our smartphone settings is an aggravation. Modes & Routines exists to simplify your life.

Some of the Modes accessible on the Galaxy A24 are pre-programmed, such as Driving, Sleeping, Exercising, and so on, but with a little ingenuity, you can design any type of Mode or Routine from scratch. It’s all about tailoring it to your specific habits and routines. Have fun experimenting with different methods to fit your phone’s settings, appearance, layout, and actions.

Use Samsung Wallet Today !

You may not need to carry a wallet or a slew of cards any more. Instead, it’s all in Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy A24. When you make a purchase, just tap your smartphone against the payment terminal to complete the transaction. In the app, save your loyalty cards, health passes (such as your MySejahtera vaccination certificate), and flight passes, as well as your passwords.

Samsung Wallet not only allows you to make safe payments, but it also helps you organize your digital life, all in one simple app. From the abacus to Samsung Wallet, we’ve gone a long way with a swipe, a swish, and a touch.

Get awesome freebies when you buy the Galaxy A24 now!

Purchase the Galaxy A24 between now and May 31, 2023, and you will receive a free 1-year extended warranty1 worth RM99 as well as a free transparent case worth RM79.

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