The HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone was produced using a behind-the-scenes look at how it was created, showcasing all the technological breakthroughs in design, display, camera, and performance that helped to make the HONOR Magic5 Pro a beloved gadget by many people all around the world. Its R&D procedures and facilities were partially disclosed during its launch, further underscoring the significance of its human-centric inventions. George Zhao, the CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., highlighted the company’s delight in creating such a ground-breaking product and outlined its desire to continue pursuing innovation and launching fresh products for consumers.

The Magic Behind its Revolutionary Falcon Camera System

By using the brand-new Millisecond Falcon Capture technology, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has become one of the quickest smartphone cameras available. The development of HONOR’s AI algorithm has been aided by the company’s innovation in creating its own specialized camera laboratories for conducting quantitative and qualitative research. Its focusing speed has risen by 245%, enabling it to capture images at speeds that are quicker than those of its previous iteration.

Honor has completely utilized the Qualcomm AI Engine in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, which has significantly increased the cache interval by more than six times. The HONOR Magic5 Pro’s camera is designed to make it easy for customers to record their magical moment without the stress of missing a snap thanks to an AI network trained with more than 270,000 images in its database. The HONOR Image Engine was totally rebuilt over the course of 18 months with new architecture, source code, and algorithms to properly use the processing capabilities of the Snapdragon® mobile platform.

Commitment to Eye Care Innovation

In order to enhance sleep quality, the HONOR Magic5 Pro launched a brand-new Circadian Night Display and became the first smartphone to acquire this certification from TÜV Rheinland. It was not an easy task to get such notoriety. In HONOR’s laboratory studies, this function was found to boost melatonin secretion by up to 20% within three hours, assisting users in getting a better night’s sleep.
Initiating its investigation of eye care technology in 2016, HONOR has a long-standing dedication to human-centric innovation in eye care.

Following 45 minutes of usage, HONOR’s Dynamic Dimming function successfully reduces eye fatigue by 18% thanks to data gathered from more than 10,000 users to identify the best display dimming technology.

Following the strictest international standards for product quality

Honor assures the highest level of product quality at each stage of the product-making process with an expenditure of over $20 million in quality testing equipment at its Global Compliance and Testing Center. The cutting-edge facility permits internal testing to validate more than 200 certification test criteria, ranking it among the top in terms of quality by a worldwide standard. The fact that HONOR is the only OEM with Qualcomm’s Smart-Transmit SAR certification and that its in-house OTA Anechoic Chamber offers an ideal controlled laboratory environment for testing mobile communication is demonstrated by a reduction of 35% in the SAR rating for mass production.

To make sure that its goods meet the tightest international standards, 260 tests are performed on hundreds of various components in a smartphone based on its own brand criteria. The HONOR Magic5 Pro is actually made to last and can be a dependable mobile device for people anywhere since HONOR values every little detail.

The chance to win HONOR’s magical journey!

The HONOR Magic5 Pro – also known as the best of MWC 2023 – can now be owned starting from RM 4,299 in 2 stunning color choices of elegant & bold Meadow Green and Classic Black.

As the name implies, HONOR’s finest value was the HONOR Magic5, which retailed for RM 3,499 and was available in either the serene and regal Glacier Blue or Classic Black.

The HONOR Magic Vs is the first foldable smartphone launched globally is here to tackle the market – with prices starting from RM 5,999 – for the calm & noble Cyan or Classic Black for color choices.

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