During an exclusive media event in Penang, Malaysia, Dell Technologies highlighted its newest Commercial client and ecosystem portfolio. The presentation illustrated why firms must invest in the proper tools and technology to ensure a productive and happy staff.

While many people today are familiar with the concept of hybrid work, there are still constraints that restrict the work experiences. Solving these problems is key to Dell’s design philosophy, and it symbolises the advances in its commercial portfolio. Everything from the device to the software and solutions to the ecosystem is meant to provide an enhanced sense of connection and cooperation.

Paul Carter, vice president, Client Solutions Group, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies, stated during the event that technology has shaped and will continue to influence the way people work and define it.

“In a hybrid, digital-first world, organisations must not only shift their mindset but also ensure their workforce is equipped with secure and intelligent technologies so they can be at their best.”

Organisations throughout the world have seen significant workplace transformations, and this speed of change will continue to accelerate. Employers must not only be prepared, but also prepared for what comes next, and people will be at the focus of it all. Rather than supplying employees with distinct hardware, the emphasis shifts to delivering a comprehensive PC ecosystem experience along with safe and dependable technological solutions to enable collaboration and productive work in this hybrid era.

Rakesh Mandal, senior director, Client Solutions Group, South Asia and Asia Emerging Markets, Dell Technologies said,
“At Dell Technologies, we believe innovation begins with people. That is why a human-centric approach is core to how we design our intelligent solutions to empower users and IT to work and innovate everywhere. We deliver research-based solutions to help guide our customers to the right ecosystem based on how their people work – what we called persona-based solutions. And, at the same time, we simplify IT by combining the best of hardware, software, services and security into one solution for our customers.”

Dell has updated its commercial portfolio with new designs, new collaboration features, and new level of performance.

  • A completely revamped Latitude lineup, including the new Latitude 9440, which mixes collaboration with beautiful design, and the Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralight for on-the-go work.
  • The Precision portfolio has been revamped with new form factors and mobility and performance choices, aimed for individuals who want a little more horsepower and graphics performance without sacrificing mobility.
  • Dell OptiPlex portfolio – Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, OptiPlex now offers simpler alternatives that allow clients to easily customise and purchase systems that meet their business needs.
  • The new sophisticated display and accessories were designed to increase user productivity and cooperation for a better overall PC experience.
  • The latest version of Dell Optimizer extends intelligence beyond the PC to the rest of the ecosystem, providing intelligent audio, privacy, connection, and collaboration that learn and adapt to the way people work.

Beyond hardware, Dell customers are focusing more on sustainability and looking to Dell to assist them achieve their sustainability objectives. Dell is increasing its creative usage of sustainable materials through the use of circular design concepts.

“Dell continues to drive circular innovation in our product design, packaging, manufacturing, materials and services. We are expanding the use of low-carbon emissions aluminum to include more recycled content and extending this material to more of our portfolio, including the Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, and to the Latitude 7000 series later this year,”

said Anothai Wettayakorn, vice president, Asia Emerging Markets and South Asia Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies.

Dell has boosted the percent of post-consumer recycled materials in its most sustainable Latitude laptop series, Precision 3000 Series workstations, and the newest commercial displays to minimise environmental impact even more. Meanwhile, the “Quiet Mode” option in Dell Optimizer’s thermal management settings can help end users save up to 18% on power.

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