Kingston revealed today that it has supplied more than 100 million overclockable modules. Kingston HyperX memory modules were introduced to the enthusiast market in 2002. Over the following 19 years, Kingston built the HyperX brand in the enthusiast and gaming markets until selling the peripheral line to HP in 2021. Continuing the amazing success of the HyperX memory products, Kingston relaunched its high-performance component lines as Kingston FURY, leveraging resources and experience from its core business to build the next generation of enthusiast goods. Today, the engineering expertise that has resulted in multiple overclocking records and awards continues into a new era of cutting-edge, high-performance, enthusiast, and gaming systems.

Kingston has taken pride in its testing breakthroughs and industry-leading product reliability since its founding. Kingston was given a US patent in 2005 for a proprietary, first-of-its-kind dynamic burn-in tester. This assured that server memory modules used in the world’s largest data centres were completely reliable. Kingston expanded their range earlier this year with the addition of the Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM, which delivers overclockable server-class DDR5 memory for artists, engineers, and data science professionals to match the demands of the newest applications. Its award-winning Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules have also been updated with the addition of white heat spreaders, allowing customers to select the colour that best suits their own style.

“Kingston is committed to designing and manufacturing products that offer consumers unparalleled style and performance,” said Kingston. “This milestone demonstrates Kingston’s market leadership, supporting users in every segment of our industry by providing world renowned customer service and the highest quality products, with reliability to match. It takes an entire team to achieve this feat and we thank and share this accomplishment with our partners, vendors, and customers.”

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