Microsoft Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 is now available in 39 languages and 85 markets worldwide. It was recently revealed that Windows 11 will be expanding our Phone Link feature to allow the connection between a Windows 11 PC and an iOS mobile device, with the purpose of reducing barriers between phone and PC and making it simpler to connect to the people you care about the most.

Phone Link bridges the gap between your Windows 11 PC and your mobile device

Phone Link has long been offered to Android users, providing fast access to their Windows PC via their phone. Phone Link for iOS will provide basic iOS functionality for calls, messages, and contact access once activated by the Windows 11 client. This means that if you put your phone away during a presentation or focus period, you will receive notifications on your Windows PC and will be able to pick which action to take – all on your Windows 11 PC. Do you require access to your iPhone images on your PC? The Photos app in Windows 11 integrates with iCloud, making this an easy procedure.

How to get started using Phone Link on Windows 11 PCs

Over the next few weeks, this feature become available on your PC.  To begin using it or to check if it’s enabled, simply start with the Search box on your Windows taskbar to find “Phone Link.”  A guided step-by-step installation will walk you through setting it up.

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