LG today announced that their 2023 OLED evo series TVs have received Reducing CO21 and Measured CO22 certifications from the Carbon Trust and environmental labels from Société Générale de Surveillance SA (SGS) for the third year in a row. The prestigious honours highlight LG’s continued ESG efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The Carbon Trust is a worldwide climate consultancy that was founded to expedite the transition to a ‘Net Zero’ future, whereas SGS is a major global testing agency devoted to certifying ecologically friendly goods. Both organisations examined the full product life cycle, from manufacturing through distribution to disposal.

LG OLED evo series models are lower in weight and more durable due to the use of composite fibre material and metal. These materials help to reduce plastic use, with the LG OLED evo series TVs using only 40% of the plastic used in LCD TVs with the same screen size. LG has reduced its plastic consumption by 20,000 tonnes this year as a result of these measures.

Select models from the current OLED evo series are about 20% lighter than an LCD TV of the same screen size, contributing to a decrease in CO2 emissions in transportation. Furthermore, the rear cover of LG OLED evo models, QNED TVs, and NanoCell TVs introduced in 2023 is made of recycled plastic material that contains more than 30% recycled plastic. With such efforts, just TV goods are estimated to produce a waste plastic recycling effect of 3,200 tonnes per year.

Furthermore, LG OLED TVs have less components than traditional LCD TVs. The TVs’ unique, self-lit display technology eliminates the need for a separate backlighting structure, resulting in less parts required for each LG OLED product. A lower part count also implies less resources utilised per unit, as well as less plastic and e-waste to deal with when the TVs reach the end of their operating life.

LG OLED has consistently elevated the industry standard from its original introduction in 2013, providing pioneering display technologies such as OLED evo and breakthrough form factors such as the rollable TV, LG SIGNATURE OLED R, and the bending LG OLED Flex. This year, the 10th anniversary of LG OLED, sees fresh additions to LG’s broad line-up of self-lit TVs, led by models from the 2023 OLED evo series. LG OLED evo series TVs are presently available in 125 countries globally.

LG has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 11 years in a row, and has gotten the ‘Comprehensive A grade’ from the ESG Evaluation and Rating Announcement of Korea ESG Standards Institute (KCGS) for two years in a row.

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