Six models in Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED portfolio have received the Carbon Trust’s ‘Reducing CO2’ accreditation. This designation is given to a product when its carbon footprint is demonstrated to have decreased year after year, demonstrating Samsung’s efforts to improve sustainability over the full product lifetime.

The Carbon Trust is a global climate consultancy formed by the UK government with the purpose of responding to climate change and reducing greenhouse emissions (GHGs). The organisation determines its carbon footprint certification by measuring the amount of GHG emitted over the whole product lifespan, from manufacture to disposal, using globally recognised criteria. Notably, the label does not take CO2 offsets into account.

The 2023 Neo QLED models were certified in honour of Samsung’s efforts to lower product weight and power consumption during operation when compared to their predecessors. The six approved models include three Neo QLED 8K and three Neo QLED 4K displays. As part of its attempts to broaden the breadth of these activities, Samsung intends to receive carbon footprint certification for more than 20 models this year from its latest array of QLED, Crystal UHD, and OLED TVs, as well as monitors and signage devices.

In 2021, Samsung Neo QLED became the first 4K and greater resolution TV screen to be certified. The next year, Samsung’s 2022 portfolio received approval for 16 models, including 11 QLED, Crystal UHD, and Lifestyle TV models, as well as five monitors and signage devices.

For the 17th year in a row, Samsung’s Visual Display Business has introduced eco-friendly goods and practises for its display devices.

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