Clean clothing make us feel good, give us confidence, and allow us to face the world. But what if all of your beloved items aren’t faultless, soiled from past use despite repeated washes and painstaking scrubbing? Do you toss them out and start over? Put them on and act as though everything is fine? Layering many clothes to cover up those unpleasant stains (in Malaysian temperatures, no less)?

When you say welcome to Samsung’s new Top Load Washers with Ecobubble, you say goodbye to those persistent stains.

Save Your Energy

The days of fretting over yesterday’s curry stains on your clothing are done. Your beloved T-shirts will receive a well-deserved bubble bath thanks to our Ecobubble and BubbleStorm technologies! Simply pour in your chosen detergent, which will be blended with air and water to generate even richer bubbles that will enter your garments 2.5x quicker, lifting and eradicating even the stickiest of grease and filth.

Furthermore, the Digital Inverter Tech is energy efficient, using 60% less electricity.

Save Your Time

24 hours a day is insufficient, so save time with Top Load’s Super Speed function. You can anticipate to decrease your laundry time by up to 40% thanks to the high waterflow produced within the washer and an additional nozzle, so go catch up on that episode of your favourite K-drama and your clothes will be done before you know it.

Little Extras to Make Life Simpler

Noise levels during washing cycles have also been decreased greatly, allowing you to do your clothes even after everyone has gone to bed.

Furthermore, if any difficulties occur while using the washer, you may immediately identify these issues with the Smart Check feature, all from the convenience of your smartphone. To put your mind at ease, the Samsung Top Load Washers come with a 20-year warranty.

The suggested retail price for Samsung’s top-load washers with Ecobubble is as below:

ModelRecommended Retail Price (RRP)
WA15CG5745BDFQ 15KGRM2,649
WA13CG5745BVFQ 13KG RM2,449 
WA12CG5745BDFQ 12KGRM2,099 
WA11CG5745BYFQ 11KGRM1,949 
WA90CG4545BDFQ 9KGRM1,599
WA80CG4545BYFQ 8KGRM1,599

What are you waiting for? Walk out the door feeling confident and fresh with Samsung’s Top Load Washers with EcobubbleTM. For more information, please visit

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