For the first time, realme achieves a daring advance on “The Champion” C55. The new “Mini Capsule” feature at the top of the C55’s screen is one of the device’s most recognizable features. This is the first realme device to feature this game-changing technology, and it will make our phone experience more smooth and interwoven than ever. The function of the “Mini Capsule” cleverly adjusts to the display and will be wrapped around the punch-hole camera cutout.

An easy-to-use tool called the “Mini Capsule” can give users of the realme notifications about the phone’s data consumption, battery life, and charging state. The initial batch of scenes is primarily designed for quick charging, and subsequent scenes will be upgraded as necessary to meet customer demands.

For a cutting-edge user experience, when you receive crucial alerts, the camera hole punch widens to convey the information to you more smoothly than ever. Even a dynamic light animation is included to increase the experience’s enjoyable factor and feeling of involvement.

By introducing the realme C55, our first Champion device, we are elevating the customer experience. This starts with our most leap-forward C Series device ever, with significant advances and triumphs in all areas of phone experience.

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