Now its 2023, and obviously also in the zodiac calendar, this marks the year of the rabbit! Kingston is as you may know, has been creating some of their special edition products and this time is no exception, they bring us the Mini Rabbit USB Flash Drive which is looking cute and a keeper or gift for yourself or your friends.

For a start, the rabbit design is the 4th from Kingston, previously they did released the cow, tiger and rat also, and it is pretty hard to find now a days.

Unboxing and Design

Upon looking at the box, it is not a box, but packaging that is clearly mimic the carrot juice bottle in a transparent plastic container that you can see the cute rabbit inside right a way. No user manual or such, since it is a USB Flash drive, you get the point, just pull the rabbit’s ear and you get the cute USB drive and pretty much it, it is ready to use.

There is a small hole at the rabbit’s tail which enables the user to use it as a keychain so you can carry it conveniently while you can show off to your friends and family on the cuteness and the adorable design.

Performance & Benchmark

The USB Flash Drive is available in one capacity only, 64GB which is a common size among USB drives and with that, you can store lots of files in it. Well a 64GB capacity you can store 16000 12MP photos, over 240 minutes of 1080P videos, over 16000 MP3 files, just to set and example. Its not just capacity, the USB flash drive speed is actually similar to Kingston DataTraveler 3.0, which this is a fully compliant USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface which delivers up to 200mb/s read speeds, perfect for those who wants to transfer large files fast and snappy.

Since this also a USB A interface, meaning that it is compatible with PC, Laptops, Android Box running on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS with full plug and play compliant across all devices.


The Kingston Mini Rabbit USB Flash Drive is one cute, adorable, irresistible cool looking thumb drives which is a great gift for yourself, love ones, friends and family. It comes with a great looking packaging and I need to mention this, it is limited edition and comes with 5 year warranty.

For more information on the Kingston Mini Rabbit USB Flash Drive, CLICK HERE. It is now widely available from all Kingston Authorized Dealers and Online Stores.

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