With the use of their DuitNow IDs, ShopeePay customers may now transfer and receive money from other e-wallets and online banking services. Users of ShopeePay will no longer need to input their account number in order to make real-time money transfers; instead, they may do so by using their unique DuitNow ID.

Users of ShopeePay who have activated their Premium accounts can use this feature. The daily and monthly limits for ShopeePay users with Premium accounts are each set at RM4,999. Currently, there are no limits on how many transfers a user can perform and every transaction is also free. ShopeePay users are required to using the Shopee mobile app to activate their phone numbers for the DuitNow service.

ShopeePay is also running a special campaign from 16 to 30 September to encourage people to explore the new feature. Users who use DuitNow to receive RM50 or more into their ShopeePay account are eligible to win a Free Shipping voucher.

All ShopeePay Premium account holders are qualified for a weekly redemption and a total of two redemptions throughout the campaign.

Here are simple steps on how to enable the DuitNow transfer service:  

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon in your ShopeePay page in the app 
  1. Tap on DuitNow, agree to the T&C, and tap on “Link DuitNow to ShopeePay” 
  1. Obtain a verification code via WhatsApp, voice call, or SMS 
  1. Key in the verification code to successfully register your phone as the DuitNow ID for ShopeePay

Users may easily receive and send money from other e-wallets or online banking accounts after the registration procedure is finished. Please click on this link for more details about the DuitNow transfer feature : https://shopee.com.my/m/DuitNow-Transfer

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