Just a month ago, we underwent an unboxing and review session with the then-latest addition to the ENCO Air Pro Series — The OPPO ENCO Air Pro2.

This time, we have received yet another pleasant surprise from OPPO’s team, which is the OPPO ENCO Buds2! We’ll dive into the full review in a short while. As for now, we’ll have a brief view of the overall design and of course, the first impression of the entire earbuds and case.

Set to release on Thursday, 25 August 2022, the OPPO ENCO Buds2 were made with adequate quality and a simple unpretentious design in mind. Boasting a circular shell from the panel all the way to the entire body and it fits perfectly into the palm too. The overall presentation consists of an OPPO logo imprinted at the front of the charging case body, while for some reason, the specification and manufacturing details are all etched at the back of the case. But it isn’t too bothersome as it does not hinder the entire aesthetic and design of the charging case.
Further inspection also indicates that there’s no power button to be found anywhere around the charging case, all that’s left is an LED light indicating the type C charging port located right beside the LED light.

Opening the charging case will have the earbuds situated right inside. The earbuds themselves are nothing too special in particular, just your ordinary run-of-the-mill handled-shaped and silicon tip earbuds with “L” and “R” indicators carved inward on the top of the earbuds. But fits comfortably into the ear canals nonetheless. Of course, there’s also the touch panel, which will receive responses through slight touches or hold.

The innards

The LED light, will only flash once and remained to lighten up for a few seconds whenever the charging case is either open or closed before it lights off. It does not blink or flash, just remained still for a few seconds, and that’s it. Currently, the only colour that the LED light has for battery indication is white but will update further in the upcoming full review. Speaking of colour, there is only 1 colour available in Malaysia as of now, and you guessed it, it’s white, specifically Moonlight white.

LED Indicator w/ type-C charging port

If you are unaware by now, all descriptions above lead to one factor, that the OPPO ENCO Buds 2’s targeted audience is specifically the budget market. As the entire design and presentation are made in a minimalistic aspect with no extra gimmicks whatsoever. But fret not, as the unit itself has more to offer! We will dive deeper into the entire unit in our upcoming review. So stay tuned!

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