This August 18th, Honor will be launching the industry’s first 14-inch 70W all-rounder laptop and the first 8-speaker tablet!

Following the official introduction of the HONOR 70, which will include the highly regarded SONY IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera, on August 18th, there are more surprises in store. Sharing the spotlight of the official live broadcast with the HONOR 70 – a smartphone with increased photography features – comes the unveiling of the HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8, both of which seek to boost user productivity and entertainment.

HONOR 70 – Dazzling in Every Shot

Since the HONOR 70’s announcement last week, many people are eager to get their hands on HONOR’s newest Number Series model because it offers significant advantages for mobile photography thanks to the industry-leading IMX800 Sensor. Snap photos are now achievable even in low light and backlit situations, offering enthusiasts the freedom to explore and take advantage of shooting opportunities in the majority of situations and providing a sense of accomplishment in smartphone photography.

The IMX800 boosts the camera dynamic range by 23%, outperforming its rivals in terms of clarity, sharpness, and low-light performance while major flagship smartphones opted for the IMX766.

Also, the HONOR 70 is compatible with multi-screen collaboration and HONOR Share with the future HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8, in addition to its existing fancy photographic features. In a fast-paced environment, such convenience enables simpler document, material, and photo transfers to increase productivity.

HONOR MagicBook 14 – The Master of Performance

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 dedicated graphics card gives the HONOR MagicBook 14 the power increase necessary for highly effective 3D rendering, video, or photo editing. It is the only 14-inch 70W laptop in the same price range with great performance. After a full charge, the 75Wh well-packed battery enables up to 15 hours of 1080p video playback.

HONOR Pad 8 – On-Hand Cinematic Experience

The HONOR Pad 8 is the only tablet in its price range that has 8 speakers. Fans can actually hold a theatre in their hands with a 12-inch 2K high-definition HONOR FullView display, which offers a cinematic viewing experience anytime, anywhere. Applications may now be downloaded and updated through the Google Play Store thanks to the restoration of the Google Mobile Services (GMS). The tab’s huge screen may be used for any manner of usage, whether it is for business or entertainment, thanks to its multi-window viewing and app extender features.

Catch the live stream – only on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook Page

Nothing better than marking your calendars for 18 August at 8 pm to witness the official live broadcast! For the most up-to-date information on the HONOR 70, HONOR MagicBook 14, and HONOR Pad 8, please visit or subscribe to HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page today!

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