Put on the stylish Galaxy Buds2 and you’re set to go for an efficient styling answer to your everyday clothing conundrum! Anyone may always be fashionable with Galaxy Buds2 and their four lovely colours, Onyx, Lavender, Olive, Graphite, and White!

Lavender colours are trending everywhere in fashion and interior design, showing up in the clothes of Gen MZs and the homes of our go-to interior designers. They’re a bright colour for spring and summer every time! Perfect for capturing the spirit of summer in Malaysia. The Galaxy Buds2 in Lavender will unquestionably blend in wonderfully, whether you’re trying for a sleek monochromatic appearance or a striking colour scheme style!

For those who like a more muted style, think about including green hues, such as the Galaxy Buds2 in Olive, and pairing them with attractive hues like warm brown, mossy green, and grey. If vibrant colours aren’t your thing, consider Onyx, Graphite, or White instead. These sophisticated, classic hues are never out of style and will go beautifully with a range of hues and settings.

Starting your day with music from the Galaxy Buds2 on your commute may tremendously enhance your morning attitude and make you feel motivated, in addition to improving your #OOTDs (Outfit of the Day)! It will assist to filter out the vast majority of outside noises (98 %) because of the amazing Active Noise Cancelling, letting you to enjoy your serenity and crystal-clear music. Each fashionable pair of earbuds weighs only 5g, so you can use them in your ears all day without feeling any added weight.

These lovely colours: Onyx, Lavender and Olive, Graphite and White, continue to rule in every fashion trend and are predicted to stick around for years to come, whether the style is casual or glam, light or dark. What are you still holding out for?

Grab the colour that best suits your aesthetic today, here:

Galaxy Buds2 lavender | Samsung Malaysia

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