SONY is one company that we know always focused on the both audio and video enthusiast level which much caters those looking whether it is TV or Audio Players. Well this time Sony launched a lineup or series dedicated towards gamers. The INZONE is now SONY’s focused lineup towards gamer focused accessories, with a start, they launch 3 models of headphones, the H3, H7 and H9, but solely for now we will be focusing on INZONE H3, a USD100 or RM439 beginner headset in the series.

Unboxing Contents

The SONY INZONE H3 comes with the following

  • The Headphone
  • USB Audio Box
  • User Manual

Design & Comfort

The SONY INZONE H3 just looks plain nice at first glance, which the surrounding headphone colors in white, matching the color esthetics of Sony Playstation 5, while the inner wear of the headphone is mixed with black color with same can be said over the earcups and the microphone. Such dual tone color design really matches over any gaming hardware you have on hand, whether it’s your gaming laptop, PC or your favorite console. Wearing it does not feel warm over long hours thanks to the Nylon Earpads that still keeps the sound within your ears while keeping it just fit and air will still go though. Over to the left of the earcup side you will spot a small knob where you can control the volume manually. At the same time flipping up the microphone will mute it automatically to ensure privacy.

Features & Experience

Well, for an entry level gaming headphone, I can say I am first surprised with the inclusion of the USB Audio Box, which is actually a USB Soundcard to extend the features of the H3 by downloading InZone App which you can obtain from Sony’s Website or otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the full experience and to take note, plugging in the 3.5mm jack to your PC straight will not enable the special features, however with its 40mm driver unit, even using it as a normal headphone is satisfying enough for my gaming and music listening needs.

Now towards the INZONE HUB, which is SONY’s customized app dedicated for the headphone with the USB Audio Box, which when launched gives you several advantages and customization, such as equalizer custom profiles, spatial sound personalization which you will need to use your phone camera to capture the size and shape of your ears to optimize your listening and dynamic range control, which adjusts the effects of listening based on the game sound or audio that is playing giving greater effect like a soundstage. We did a simple benchmark on the headphone and recorded an average 77dB on both left and right set at 80% volume. Over the microphone, the overall audio voice captured is clear and not muffled as compared to certain headphone that could be disrupted due audio and microphone active at the same time.

Technical Specs

DRIVER UNIT40mm, dome type
IMPEDANCE (OHM)35ohm (1kHz)
PLUGGold-plated 4 pole mini plug

Verdict & Conclusion


Overall the SONY INZONE H3 provides a great starter pack for gamer to enjoy with the inclusion of what a gamer or any user should have and enjoy with a simplistic package, a proper gaming headphone and an USB Audio Box which I would not expect included, but it is there, giving great flexibility towards the user whether they choose to use it or just plug it straight with the 3.5mm jack to your device, it is all up to the user however to me, I will use it anytime with the USB Audio Box and INZONE HUB to gain it’s full feature and capabilities, which is also Discord certified for audio communications. The only downside is the audio cord built is thin and non removable, which if you are not taking care of it properly, you might damage it, otherwise I have no further downside to comment. It is now selling at RM439 and for more information, Click HERE to find out more.

Special thanks to SONY for providing us the review unit.

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