Huawei has been always releasing quite a good range of products from Laptops to Phones. Today we will look at the Huawei Nova 8, which is a mid range budget smartphone targeting towards mass audiences 

The Unboxing Begins

The Nova 8 comes in a standard white color box. Upon unboxing you will get the following as below

  • The phone itself
  • USB A to C charging cable
  • SIM Ejector
  • 66w Huawei SuperCharge Charger
  • Soft Case
  • User Manual

The Color

The Huawei Nova 8 comes in one color only, which is the Blush Gold color. Looking into the color of the phone while holding under the lights reveals some color changes like rainbow flowing around the back of the phone, which at such affordable price point, it is done nicely and elegantly

The Design, Look and Feel

The Nova 8 weights at 169 Grams, which is quite a standard weight for most mid range smartphones, when holding up the phone, it just felt quite slim,not overweight, and just fit on hands, thumbs were able to navigate thru menus and applications without hassle and travel around the screen. Browsing the front of the screen measured at a 6.57 inch OLED display which is curved from left to right over both sides. Furthermore the screen is running fluidly at 90Hz refresh rate. While on the top you will have a 32 Megapixel wide angle selfie camera. Watching video and browsing through social media is a joy without noticing the selfie camera.

Looking at the back of the phone you will see 4 cameras, 1 at 64MP, 1 at 8MP, while 2 wide lenses at 2MP followed by the flash. The slight bump at the back will not sit flat, but putting in the included soft case will solve the issue. Overall design is pleasing so far


Over to the performance side, the Huawei Nova 8 is powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 820E, with 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. Such configuration is good enough for everyday use. The 90Hz display will give you the responsiveness you need. On top of that you will get a pleasant and loud audio experience with its bottom firing speaker.

Overall on my few days of impression with the Huawei Nova 8, it is a phone that is showing that 90Hz OLED display comes down to the right price point, with an adequate performance, with good design.I will be continuing on experiencing this phone further on an in-depth review coming soon

If you are interested in getting the phone, be sure to visit Huawei Store (Shopee) soon when it’s here.