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Hari Gawai Celebrations Illuminate vivo Malaysia’s 10th Anniversary Photography Workshop

In celebration of vivo Malaysia’s 10th anniversary, a memorable photography workshop was held in Sarawak, showcasing the brand’s reach across the country. Photography enthusiasts from the state gathered to capture Sarawak’s unique beauty, highlighting vivo’s commitment to community engagement and creativity through advanced technology. This workshop also marked a successful partnership between vivo Malaysia and the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Focused on promoting Sarawak’s rich cultural heritage, the workshop saw over 30 participants receiving expert guidance from renowned photographer Huayi. Using the latest vivo V30 series, they captured the vibrant moments of the Sarawak Gawai Festival, demonstrating the phone’s powerful portrait capabilities.

This event not only celebrated vivo Malaysia’s anniversary but also provided a platform to preserve Sarawak’s cultural heritage through photography.

Another session of the photography workshop is planned for Saturday, 8 June 2024, in Penang at the Penang Wonderfood Museum, in collaboration with local media outlet Penang Holiao. Don’t miss this opportunity—register now!

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