MSI is introducing a groundbreaking solution to address the OLED burn-in issue, a concern that has plagued OLED monitor users. While OLED panels offer exceptional visual quality for gaming, the risk of burn-in has been a drawback. To tackle this problem head-on, MSI proudly presents MSI OLED CARE 2.0, a revolutionary technology aimed at prolonging the lifespan of OLED panels.

As part of this commitment to user satisfaction and longevity, MSI is offering a 3-year warranty on OLED monitors. This warranty not only covers typical issues but also provides protection specifically against burn-in problems. It’s a comprehensive support package designed to ensure gamers can enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about the durability of their monitors.

The introduction of this warranty underscores MSI’s dedication to delivering top-tier gaming solutions and ensuring user satisfaction. As MSI continues to push the boundaries of innovation, it remains committed to providing unmatched gaming experiences for its users.

The 3-year warranty for OLED monitors applies to a range of models, including the MAG and MPG series. Users can explore the list of eligible models on MSI’s website and make their purchase with confidence knowing they’re covered by this extended warranty.

In addition to the warranty announcement, MSI is offering a USD 100 Steam Voucher for customers who purchase and leave a comment on their new QD-OLED monitors. This promotion aims to incentivize users to experience the exceptional quality and durability of MSI’s OLED monitors.

For more information about the warranty coverage and MSI OLED CARE 2.0 features, users can visit MSI’s Warranty Information page and the dedicated blog post explaining the technology in detail.

3-Year Warranty for OLED Model List








With MSI’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, gamers can now enjoy high-quality visuals and immersive gaming experiences without worrying about the longevity of their monitors.

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