The HP AIO lineup is one of the cost effective printers in the market that is price friendly towards the ink and the AIO unit itself with even some of the small companies will actually buy a few of these so every department can have their own printer/AIO. But today we will quickly look at one of the current AIO from HP, the Smart Tank 580, which is another cost effective offering with several key features we will talk about in this review.

Design & Build

The HP Smart Tank 580 Review features a standard AIO printer design with everything that is consumer centric, for example with a single pull on the front you can fill in the inks, and all are clearly labelled. This is highly suitable for users who likes devices that is set and forget. There is also an LCD screen with several buttons for easy scan, copy and print, along with status showing on low paper, low ink and connection mode, such as Wi-Fi for example. The printer comes in 2 color tone, grey on top that covers till the scanner area and white, which covers the rest, making it highly suitable for Home, Room, and Small office environment use. There is also the ink area on the left which you can easily see the level of ink easily.


Below are the features of the HP Smart Tank 580

  • Mobile-guided, Seamless Setup – You can use either PC, Mac, Android, IOS to easily setup your printer, the app is available on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Low-on-ink Sensors – Easily monitor and maintain ink levels with integrated ink sensors.
  • High-volume Printing – Up to 6,000 pages of black or colour ink 
  • HP Smart Advance – Print and scan from your phone
  • HP Auto On/Auto-Off technology – Automatically turn your printer on when you need it and off when you don’t

Setting Up and Experience

This is the easiest part, just fill in the ink to the tank, which is provided in the box, plug in the power, start it, download HP App from Google Play and follow the step by step guide, it will tell you what to do, such as inserting the paper to the paper tray, test print, and alignment. All of these can be done with just by using the app and your wireless router connected to the internet. For users with Windows PC or Laptop, and you are on Windows 10 or 11, Microsoft Store and Windows will automatically detect drivers, install HP app and basically again, its a good to go without hassles.

Both mobile and PC based app will allow you to manage the AIO, including settings, ink levels, scanning and even order your ink online with the right ink type and model. The Printing experience is very seamless, with close to accurate printing in colors and correctly align when printing. Basically I have no complains except for one, 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi only which I wish it has 5Ghz as well, where most homes or offices will definitely take advantage on the faster connection wirelessly, while then, at least there is support for Wi-Fi Direct as well, which allows user to print or scan things directly with smartphone, even without internet connection.

Verdict & Conclusion (With Price Too)


The HP Smart Tank 580 in conclusion is really hassle free, set it up and forget AIO that really makes printing and scanning seamless and simple, suitable for home and office use and easy to operate with power saving features in mind, as well as great support from the app and carries a 12 month warranty from HP Malaysia. Besides that the Ink is one of the easiest one to fill in, without the worry of spilling ink all around the area and buying additional ink is as simple as going to any IT store and get one.

Price? RM539 retail which includes the set of all 4 Ink bottles. Should you need to get replacement of the ink, the price ranges from RM28 to RM40 depending on the bottle size and colors.

For More information, CLICK HERE to find out about the HP Smart Tank 580

Special Thanks to HP for sending the AIO over.

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