Logitech G, a brand of Logitech released two new cutting-edge products that redefine the gaming and streaming experience, the two new mics Logitech G Yeti GX, and Logitech G Yeti Orb.

More than ever, gamers are generating content and streaming during gaming, and audio is at the heart of delivering amazing content. Playing with broadcast-style audio is essential for production success and may keep a stream from appearing uninteresting and sounding distorted. Great audio allows you to play together and express yourself to your community, whether you’re chatting with pals on Discord, expanding your community on Twitch, or broadcasting to thousands of YouTube subscribers.

“The design and engineering experts at Blue Microphone and Logitech G partnered to create a unique gaming microphone with professional-grade audio and a host of features tailor-made for gamers,” said Vincent Borel, Vice President at Logitech G. “We understand that gamers want to engage and share their experience with their audience. For those that play to be seen, this is the gear that enables them to play together and express themselves to your community.”

These two new devices use Logitech G advancements, including LIGHTSYNC RGB technology for enhanced immersion in the game; integration with Logitech G’s GHUB software for personalised lighting effects; and the inclusion of Blue VO!CE compatibility with our new microphones. With customised colors and themes, users can now grow their Logitech G ecosystem and express their identity as a gaming content producer.

The Yeti GX is a premium, broadcast-style gaming microphone with dynamic capsule technology that delivers unparalleled audio performance. For the first time, the Yeti GX uses the classic scroll wheel from the iconic Logitech G gaming mice to provide one-handed control of mic gain. The Yeti GX also has a supercardioid pickup pattern, which boosts voice while rejecting room noise, key clicks, and other background noise.

Yeti Orb is a sleek, camera-ready USB gaming mic that provides best-in-class audio performance and ease-of-use. Yeti Orb is designed for gamers new to streaming and has an RGB logo and status light with adjustable illumination effects that can be accessed pre- or mid-stream.

Unlike other microphones on the market today, the Yeti GX and Yeti Orb manage maximum sound pressure, making them ideal for today’s gamers and video makers. Yeti GX and Yeti Orb decrease distortion and, using Blue VO!CE technology filters, tailor speech sounds to produce interesting effects and prevent against clipping at heightened periods where voice audio is louder, such as during intense firefights and battles, all accessible via the G HUB app.

Furthermore, once Windows Dynamic Lighting is ready, Logitech G will provide complete compatibility for all LIGHTSYNC-enabled devices. Windows Dynamic Lighting is a new RGB lighting capability in Windows 11 that allows users to sync effects across several brands of RGB-enabled items, including the Logitech G. This new feature enhances the already strong LIGHTSYNC controls for devices such as Logitech G mouse, keyboards, and headsets, resulting in a truly unified, immersive gaming experience.

Designing for a Positive Future

Logitech is dedicated to making the world a more egalitarian and climate-friendly place by actively trying to decrease our carbon footprint. The design of these new gaming items makes it an easy decision. The plastic pieces use certified post-consumer recycled plastic to provide end-of-life plastic from obsolete consumer electronics a second life – at least 68% for Yeti GX and 74% for Yeti Orb.

Pricing and Availability

Yeti GX (SRP: RM659) and Yeti Orb (SRP: RM269) are now available in black colourways on Logitech G’s official Lazada and Shopee page.

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