Infinix is organizing the panel discussion New Image, New Lifestyle | Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story in connection with the 80th Venice International Film Festival, which will take place at the Italian Pavilion in Venice on September 1st, 2023. The cooperation recognizes the growing convergence of smartphone technological advancements with the art of narrative and filmmaking. The cooperation, which is centered on the introduction of the newest Infinix ZERO smartphone, is the first of its kind, connecting partnerships devoted to the development of extraordinary tales that resonate beyond global boundaries.

Infinix ZERO 30 SERIES Global Launch

The Infinix ZERO Series exemplifies how Infinix empowers young people with best-in-class technology by delivering powerful and affordable devices that question convention and break with precedent. The latest model in the Infinix ZERO smartphone series pushes front-camera photography to new heights, letting users to participate in a new era of imaging and storytelling.
Infinix will introduce the next addition to its ZERO series at the Italian Pavilion Forum “New Image, New Lifestyle | Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story.” Mr Lake Hu, Infinix’s Chief Marketing Officer, will define the brand’s vision of smartphone development and introduce the ‘Story On’ idea in front of an audience of world renowned tech, lifestyle, and photography vloggers.

Mr Anish Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer of Infinix India, will subsequently announce the new Infinix ZERO series smartphone on stage. Attendees will also be exposed to a unique documentary developed by Infinix fans exhibiting smartphones’ remarkable potential for professional and cinematic-style filming.

Capture Our Own Story’ – Mobile Vlog Awards of Infinix

During the Venice International Film Festival, the ‘Capture Your Own Story’ Mobile Vlog Awards will also be launched. The competition invites young artists all around the world to use the superior video capabilities of Infinix smartphones to capture life in a new way, creating short film movies that represent their distinct viewpoints. Infinix encourages vloggers of all sorts and backgrounds to contribute to the advancement of mobile images, fostering young creativity and inspiration.

Infinix Shines On the Occasion of the 80th Venice Film Festival

The collaboration between Infinix and the Italian Pavilion Forum “New Image, New Lifestyle | Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story” establishes a new standard in collaborative branding, aiming to usher in a world where we can all become masters of cinematic creativity and self-expression.
The pursuit of technical innovation by Infinix places disruptive, next-generation technology in the hands of young people all across the world. Venice is the ideal venue for experiencing, celebrating, and better understanding new and creative filmmaking and vlogging. Infinix hopes to help shape the future of filmmaking, vlogging, and the growth of aspiring directors and cinematographers.

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