HP revealed their vision and framework at the HP Future Ready – Better Together 2023 event in Tokyo, Japan, where they reunited with customers and partners in Asia physically for the first time in three years. HP provided rare insights into their Future Ready strategy for achieving sustainable long-term growth for partners and providing lifelong customer value.

HP’s Future Ready strategy was created with customers in mind, and it contains various projects organized around three pillars: Portfolio, Operations, and Customer and Partners. The strategy’s objective is to assist partners capitalize on possibilities in high-growth categories such as gaming, hybrid work, workforce services, security, and sustainability by enhancing HP’s portfolio to address a broader variety of demands.

“At HP, we have never lost sight of the customer in all that we do. Our Future Ready strategy encapsulates our dedication to exceeding expectations with our end users, especially for experiences that directly impact their everyday lives,” said Vinay Awasthi, Managing Director for Greater Asia. “We are constantly innovating to offer more ease, more convenience, and more integration. HP is already offering solutions to help navigate increasingly complex hybrid realities. The work we do in Asia is at the forefront of this continued effort towards adding consistent and reliable value for our customers.”

“We are thrilled to be engaging our partners and customers at the ‘Future Ready Better Together’ event here in Japan. This year also marks HP’s 60th anniversary of operations here since we made our first entry into the Asian market in 1963, so it’s only fitting for us to share our new growth strategy for Asia from where we first started,” Vinay added

Helping Customers Ace Hybrid Realities with Future Ready Portfolio

HP is redefining innovation with its Future Ready product portfolio by offering superior end-to-end experiences that will assist consumers in navigating the difficulties of hybrid work, allowing them to work, play, and connect effortlessly. To suit the increasing B2B and B2C customer demands in the area, HP will continue to invest strategically in high-growth categories such as gaming, peripherals, consumer subscription, workforce services, security, and print solutions.

Partnering for Long Term Growth

HP will continue to improve its strategy in the area based on feedback from partners and customers in order to assist them adapt to quickly changing business demands. HP continues to invest in HP Amplify, a first-of-its-kind worldwide channel partner initiative, with solutions focused at assisting partners in driving more agility, simplicity, growth, and cooperation. The upgraded program is intended to give clients with the necessary digital services they require to empower their workforce, generate development prospects, and achieve success in Asia’s varied, ever-changing marketplace.

Towards a More Sustainable Future

HP also reinforced its ambition to becoming the world’s most sustainable and just technology company by 2030 and has set aggressive Sustainable Impact goals to inspire change across Climate Action, Human Rights and Digital Equity.

Key initiatives and highlights include:

· Protect our natural ecosystems: HP has launched 300+ products with ocean bound plastics, is becoming forest positive in printing, and aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

· Empower partners to join the journey towards a more sustainable future: HP Amplify Impact program is a first-of-its-kind partner assessment, resource, and training program, with 100% of pledged partners having developed Sustainable Impact plans.

· Bridging digital divide and offer greater access to technology: HP accelerated digital equity for more than 21 million people in path to 150 million by 203

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