Wireless charging is becoming increasingly prevalent in high-end flagship smartphones. It provides simple and cable-free charging, which is greatly preferred by customers, particularly the younger age. Furthermore, wireless charging technology improves safety by removing the hazards associated with broken or aging charging wires. It is a cutting-edge technology that blends functionality and safety. Infinix goes a step further by equipping the NOTE 30 Pro with robust 15W wireless fast charging, offering flagship-level wireless charging at a low price of RM 899.

The 15W wireless fast charging of the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro provides numerous distinct advantages to regular consumers. In-car wireless charging is one of them, which corresponds to the rising trend of wireless charging modules in current automobiles. By placing the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro in the car’s wireless charging slot, users can charge their phones while navigating or alleviate battery anxiety during the journey, ensuring they have a fully charged device when they reach their destination.

The second example is the work station, which is frequently littered with tangled charging cords, giving it a cluttered appearance. The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro’s 15W wireless charging prevents cable tangling, resulting in a neater and more organized desk environment. This is great for individuals who want a simple workstation. When you get at work in the morning and notice your Infinix NOTE 30 Pro’s battery is low, simply set it on the wireless charger and continue recharging while you work.

The third situation happens in hotels, airports, cafés, or restaurants that have stationary wireless charging equipment. These charging modules support a variety of wireless charging protocols and provide quick charging. If you leave your charger at home or have it inconveniently packed in the bottom of your bag, you may simply recharge your Infinix NOTE 30 Pro by placing it on a public wireless charging pad. This keeps your phone connected and prevents any crises from occurring due to a dead battery.

The fourth situation occurs at the bedside table. Fumbling in the dark for the charging cord before falling asleep while interested in TikTok is a regular source of aggravation for young people. As a result, many users frequently leave their phones on the bedside table, only to wake up to a dead battery. Simply place a wireless charger on the bedside table to charge the NOTE 30 Pro. Place your phone on it before going to bed, and you’ll wake up with a fully charged phone that’s ready to go for the day.

Wireless charging capabilities are generally seen in high-end Apple phones and a few Android flagship models. Because wireless charging necessitates sophisticated semiconductors and better charging power, the production costs are significantly higher.

Infinix prioritizes user experience and has invested more in the NOTE 30 Pro to include 15W wireless fast charging technology. This lets more customers to benefit from the ease and efficiency of high-power wireless fast charging at a lower cost, further cementing the NOTE 30 Pro’s superiority in a fiercely competitive industry.

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