Our cellphones should be held, placed on a table, or mounted to a tripod. But we have a love-hate relationship with tripods – should we bring them or not? It’s hefty, takes up room in our baggage, and costs more. When it comes to utilizing our hands or propping it up against anything… yawn, amateur hour.

Do you want articles with fresh perspectives? Introducing FlexCam, a flexible, hands-free camera mode that allows you to record selfies, wefies, and videos from incredible angles. Experiment using FlexCam (and double-sided tape) in these 7 areas where your Galaxy Z Flip4 “doesn’t belong”.

#1 – On the Lazy Susan

Place your Galaxy Z Flip4 on the Lazy Susan and whirl it for a fun angle video of everyone at your table at your next alumni meeting or family meal. The camera will turn full round and film each participant as they make expressions or speak their goofy lines.

#2 – On top your car or on the wall

Because the Galaxy Z Flip4 can be folded at a 90° angle, it can sit more firmly on any surface than a bar phone that is resting on anything. You may mount it on top of your car for slow-motion shots, or against a wall like Spiderman. Allow the camera to roll while you fasten it with double-sided tape. When filming multi-angle videos, you can also hold your Galaxy Z Flip4 in your hands like a camcorder for a more solid grip and steadier shooting. You may pan from left to right or right to left.

#3 – On the ground

Only FlexCam is capable of producing high-quality low-angle images and movies. With a bar phone on a stand or tripod, you won’t be able to reach a lower angle without adding height to the photo. When photographing your reflection or shadow, the FlexCam is more exact. You want the camera to be close to where your reflection or shadow meets your feet. The low viewpoint is especially ideal for TikTok dances, highlighting the incredible footwork. This angle also provides the most impact for leaping shots.

#4 – On a mountaintop or bridge railing

Bring your Galaxy Z Flip4 to the top of a mountain to shoot a time lapse video of the stunning night sky changing to day, or place it on a bridge railing to catch a time lapse scene of people hurrying past a busy city crossing.

#5 – Perched on the tennis net or a football goalpost

You can capture selfies with the Rear Camera without unlocking your phone, and the Cover Screen provides a real-time preview. When folded, it may be slipped over a tennis net to record your serves. Fold it at a 90° angle and place it on top of a football goalpost to demonstrate your abilities.

#6 – In the pool

Show off your vacation at the beach or pool by putting your Galaxy Z Flip4 on a drink float and bringing it out on the water with you. Just make sure you keep a tight eye on it so it doesn’t fall in.

#7 – Taped to your pet

Press play to get amusing pet footage for Instagram and TikTok with your pet, your Galaxy Z Flip4, and some clingwrap.

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