Now if you are looking for a combo, I usually love everything that is paired together, especially what users looking for it’s a set of keyboard and mouse. ASUS recently sent us a pair that we will look at and honestly, this could be something that is just nice to be with as a set (or separate if you really wanna buy one of it only), as a matching color and looks of a keyboard and mouse.

Unboxing (Keyboard + Mouse)

The Keyboard
2 AA size Battery
User Manual / Warranty Statement
The mouse itself
USB dongle (in the mouse attached)
1 AA size Battery
Additional mouse faceplate/cover
User Manual / Warranty Statement

Features and Design

Both the keyboard and mouse designs are based on two-toned colors that represent fun, leisure, and work in one. To put it simply, it matches anywhere you place it, whether it’s in your office, wooden table, or even cafe tables, and it works in such a way to show the bright colors it has, and it’s meant to be used in a well-lit area. It is also intended for a simple configuration. In addition, the MD100 and KW100 has ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment to prevent bacterial development.

I’ll start with the keyboard, which is incredibly tiny, ultrathin, and highly portable in any case; it is designed to fit together in your laptop bag and weighs only 375 grams. It comes in two colors: Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte, and fundamental controls like the Spacebar, Enter, and Esc buttons have been darkened for better visibility. It’s also worth noting that it includes a two-level kickstand in case you need to position it slightly higher for comfortable typing. The keyboard, in particular, only allows Bluetooth connection, but the good news is that you may connect up to three devices at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the mouse. The MD100 is superlight at 56 grams, demonstrating its mobility and ease of usage, even in your denim pocket. The mouse does come with an extra faceplate in a different color in the package, so you may match it to your partner device, such as your laptop, or to the user’s preferences. The cover plates for our evaluation unit are Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte which you can change the cover plates whenever you like. Touching and engaging with the mouse gave it a very smooth feel, and the clicks are quite quiet, making it ideal for usage at work or even during crucial meetings, as noisy clicking may distract other people. It has low-noise switches, gaming-grade 100% PTFE mouse feet and a 10-million-click lifetime. Of course you can connect either with the USB dongle or Bluetooth. There is also a built in strap so that you can slide it to your finger while carrying other devices


We will start with the pairing method, both the KW100 and MD100 can be paired with Bluetooth seamlessly either with Windows, MacOS or Android easily, in my case of using Windows OS, you can easily pair it by holding fn+1 (or 2/3 if you have more devices) and the light will start blinking fast, while the mouse can be paired by holding the DPI button located the back of the mouse, then go to Windows Bluetooth devices settings and just add the keyboard and mouse. Specific for the keyboard, you to enter the randomized 6 pin number, and you can start using it. The mouse DPI can set on the fly between 800, 1000 and 1600 dpi to suit different scenarios while they keyboard can be paired up to 3 devices and you can quickly switch it by pressing fn+1, 2 or 3.

The experience can be summarized to the excellent silent key presses and mouse clicks which really close to no interference and this is especially great when working in a quiet room or space, where the 1.6 mm key travel is comfortable enough, much alike to a laptop keyboard making it easy to get used to it while the mouse size is just nice for my medium size hand where I still can navigate normally just like any normal bigger size mouse would have, as the curved ergonomic design does a good job there. Latency between using bluetooth connection is low for both mouse and keyboard, but if you needed even more responsiveness for the mouse, you can always switch it back to using the supplied dongle to your favorite device.

Verdict & Conclusion


My verdict still stands for the MD100 (which I did review it in the past), and it is still one of the fun looking professional cutesy mouse that you would fall in love with just because of the colors. Now with the KW100 keyboard combined together, it is like a complete perfect pair in the bag where you can carry along together with your laptop, or even you can use it as an additional pairing for typing and clicking around if you have more devices with you. Moreover the batteries will last you up to 2 years (for keyboard) 1 year (for mouse) according to ASUS and this is also backed by Antibacterial Guard treatment to inhibit bacterial growth.

Pricing & Availability

The ASUS Marshmallow MD100 is priced at RM145 while the KW100 keyboard price will be announced soon, which we will update here.

ASUS Marshmallow MD100 :

ASUS Marshmallow KW100 :

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