Going through your pockets and discovering treasure, such as cash, a personal letter from someone, the last piece of candy, or your Galaxy Z Flip4, is one of life’s pleasures. Good things come in little, pocket-sized packages. However, little packaging can reveal a galaxy with enormous capacity.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is a blend of innovation and design that is ultra-compact while not compromising screen size. Because it folds symmetrically, it fits comfortably in your pocket without peeping and maybe falling out, so you always feel secure. Travel lighter at a moments notice whether you need to do a short errand, stroll the dog, or go for a workout while being fully hands-free. Slip the stylish phone into any micro bag, gym pouch, or even one small pocket within a larger bag for convenient access at any time.

With the Bespoke Edition, you may personalize the frame, front and back covers, and frame with four different colors. You may experiment with 108 different color combinations! Not finished yet? Customize your Galaxy Z Flip4 with stylish accessories including leather or silicone covers, stickers, rings, lanyards, charms, and belts. From Monday through Friday, inject pop culture into your life by watching The Simpsons, Star Wars, Disney, National Geographic, or Marvel.

Make it even more distinct with your Cover Screen material. Make any video or GIF your Cover Screen background to relive your favorite experiences every time you glance at your phone. Create creative animated backdrops and AR emojis from scratch for various occasions.

Today, flip the Galaxy Z Flip4 into your pocket: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-z-flip4/

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