HONOR has named renowned Chinese actor Yang Yang as its worldwide ambassador for the brand’s highly anticipated HONOR 90 Series. The Yang Yang is seen with a sophisticated beige suit and a HONOR staff card, evoking the serene elegance of the HONOR 90 Series’ new Diamond Silver hue.

A fascinating advertising image shows the HONOR 90 Series’ distinctive diamond shape, which features contrasting textures and colors and represents the brand’s everlasting dedication to ultimate aesthetics in smartphone design. Yang Yang’s appointment, as well as the magnificent new design and color, will undoubtedly excite admirers all around the world.

Notably, the HONOR 90 Series lifts the bar in terms of photographic prowess with its astonishing 200MP Super Sensing Camera, a significant advance over its predecessors and poised to set the bar for a superb smartphone.

Following the unveiling of a new global ambassador, HONOR is poised to introduce the HONOR 90 Series in China this evening! Stay tuned to HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page and website for additional details.

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