The ZV-1 II, Sony’s all-new second generation camera to the ZV-1 in the ZV series, was introduced today, and it incorporates highly demanded and popular market-leading features. The ZV-1 II, with a wider angle than the ZV-1, enables vloggers to create more engaging stories while maintaining photogenic image quality.

The ZV-1 II’s 1.0-type Exmor R image sensor (about 20.1 effective megapixels), BIONZ image processing engine, and ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T 18-50mm F1.8-4 lens provide advanced capabilities for artists of all skill levels. The ZV-1 II is the advanced vlogging camera packed into a travel-size, from the 18-50mm wide angle lens, which can frame everything from group selfies to narrow interiors or dynamic recordings of everyday scenes, to the Multiple Face Recognition, which recognizes multiple faces and automatically adjusts to keep all faces sharp and clear when taking selfie shots that include two or three people.

Features for Vloggers and Video Content Creators

The ZV-1 II has a number of new and popular features that will empower creators to capture better content.

  • Ultra-wide angle and Zoom – 18mm2 wide angle of view makes it easy to capture attractive photogenic image with the entire scene – especially when shooting selfies at arm’s length. The 18-50mm optical zoom and the Clear Image Zoom smoothly enlarges images while minimising loss of image quality to create a variety in videos by changing the angle of view.
  • Bokeh Switch which gives beautiful bokeh by defocusing the background with a single touch.
  • Intelligent 3-capsule microphone – In Auto mode, the camera recognises human faces or objects and automatically switches the direction of the built-in microphone ([Front] or [All Directions]). In Manual mode, you can select [Front] for selfies, [Rear] when shooting with narration or [All Directions]. The supplied windscreen ensures a clear recording of the speaker when outdoors. Easy to use cableless attachment to Multi Interface Shoe  and a 3.5 mm microphone jack makes it easy to connect external microphones.
  • Cinematic Vlog Setting function responds to the demands to easily take ambient images using a vlog camera. It enables impressive imagery at a touch. Simply tap the on-screen function icon and the camera will automatically set a CinemaScope size (2.35:1) and a frame rate of 24 fps, the same as for a cinema movie. Then finish off the work with the on-screen buttons to select from five LOOKs and four MOODs.
  • Creative Look which supports 10 preset looks to suit your creative preferences and pro-level imaging features.
  • Face Priority AE and Soft Skin Effect automatically and immediately detects faces and adjusts the exposure to optimise facial brightness, no matter the lighting. Soft skin effect smooths skin and facial features when filming.
  • Fast Hybrid AF System – Even in high-definition 4K where precise focusing is required, the camera will keep the images sharp with the same Fast Hybrid AF system seen in α series cameras. The camera is equipped with AF Transition Speed to select the focusing speed during video recording, and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity to control the focus in line with the subject’s movement and environment. In addition, the Real-time Eye AF can accurately keep focus on human or animals for both stills and movies.
  • Product Showcase Setting – which delivers convenient shooting of product review videos with smooth focus transitions from your face to the item you are highlighting.
  • S&Q shoot mode which allows a selection up to 5x slow or up to 60x quick motion to add impact to everyday scenes. The combination of shooting and recording frame rates can now be set on a single screen. 
  • ISO sensitivity spanning from 125 to 12800– allows the camera to record sharp images with less noise, even in low lighting.
  • Active Mode electronic image stabilisation – content can be captured while walking or in motion and is especially useful for handheld shooting. Useful for handheld Movie and Slow & Quick motion shooting.
  • Built in ND filter – to reduce exposure by three stops and allow for beautiful background bokeh even in the brightest situation.

Compact and lightweight for convenient portability, operation, and connectivity

The ZV-1 II is ideal for travel; its tiny and lightweight design fits easily in a pocket or small backpack, even with its optical wide zoom lens. With its vari-angle screen perfect for selfies, easy-to-hold body grip (or with an optional GP-VPT2BT grip), user-friendly key and control arrangement, and recording indication on the front face of the body, the ZV-1 II supports many filming methods. The monitor display has been revamped with a strong, readily visible red border that indicates when recording is in process. Charge quickly and effortlessly with a USB Type-C® connection.

To use the ZV-1 II as a camera, just connect it to a PC or smartphone using a commercially available USB cable. Make your video more appealing in online meetings and live streaming by utilizing Creative Look to improve the skin’s look and modify the colour. Faces will seem sharper and brighter (Face Priority AE), and the eyes will remain in focus (Real-time Eye AF).

Design that is both environmentally friendly and accessible

The ZV-1 II was designed with sustainability in mind, as well as the 2030 renewable energy objective. Recycled materials, such as SORPLAS, are actively employed for the camera body, decreasing environmental effect while maintaining functioning. Individual packaging is made from Sony’s special recycled paper “Original Blend Material,” which is free of plastic and easy to recycle. It is both ecologically friendly and good quality, since it is made from bamboo, sugar cane fiber, and recycled paper purchased from the market.

The ZV-1 II includes accessibility features that facilitate operation in several ways, including screen reader functionality for people with visual impairments. Accessibility features allow anyone to enjoy shooting and playback. When the screen reader function is activated, text on the menu screens is read aloud. Screen reader volume can be adjusted via the [Sound Options] settings. The ZV-1 II includes a number of functions that assist in achieving pinpoint focus on a variety of subjects. The Real-time Eye AF can automatically recognise and focus on [Human] or [Animal], or the Real-time Tracking function. Focus Magnification, and Peaking functions make it easier to focus manually, and features like Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, and Touch Shutter let the user focus, track, and shoot simply by touching the subject on the monitor screen.

Pricing and Availability

The new ZV-1 II will be available in Malaysia from July 2023 with a SRP of RM3,999. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

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