Beam Mobility Malaysia promotes public transportation utilization in Malaysia by assisting Malaysians in completing their first and last mile travels to major public transit destinations across the city. More Malaysians are beginning to utilize its tiny, accessible e-scooters to go several kilometers in minutes, making previously inaccessible regions such as commercial centers and public transportation stops more accessible to them.

Beam Mobility began providing shared e-scooters in popular public transport stops, commercial centers, and residential neighborhoods around the country in 2022, thanks to the assistance and dedication of the government, authorities, and their separate local councils. This growth led in over 1,000,000 travels on Beam’s e-scooters in 2022, with over 93,000 trips taken straight to and from public transportation around the country.
The LRT Ara Damansara and Bukit Jalil stations were among the most popular, with an average of 1,607 and 1,445 journeys taken to these public transit locations on Beam’s e-scooters, respectively. Bus stations are also popular links for Beam passengers, with The Arc bus stop in Cyberjaya serving over 370 Beam customers regularly.

Beam e-Scooters to Service MRT2 Putrajaya Line

Beam Mobility’s e-Scooters continue to encourage Malaysians to use public transit while the government addresses and improves the country’s public transportation system. Since the completion of the MRT2 Putrajaya Line, Beam has stationed a number of its e-scooters at all stations between Metro Prima and Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), encouraging people to move in and around the city by public transit.

Riders on the MRT2 Putrajaya line will be able to use Beam’s e-scooters to explore many famous destinations and parks near their respective stations in addition to their everyday trips. For example, jumping on and off a Beam e-scooter at MRT Sentul Barat station can quickly send you to KLPAC and Tiffin At The Yard, whilst a trip from MRT HKL or Titiwangsa stations will take you immediately to Titiwangsa Lake Gardens and the National Museum. Meanwhile, just outside the city center, a quick ride on a Beam e-scooter from MRT Metro Prima or Kentonmen would take you to the spacious and tranquil Kepong Metropolitan Lake Garden and Bamboo Hills, respectively.

Beam A Success in Universities

Beam has formally announced collaborations with nine universities throughout the country, with the goal of offering students and staff members with a safer and more convenient method to navigate around campus. With well-planned campuses packed with a variety of facilities, the debut of Beam’s e-scooters was welcomed with positively and excitement among students, as it would allow them to go around campus without driving or looking for a parking place.

Since its debut to these campuses, students and staff members alike have shown a strong desire to include e-scooters into their daily journeys. Beam reported a total of 51,634 travels in the first quarter of 2023, with an average of 17,211 trips taken on e-scooters on Malaysian university campuses per month. With an average distance traveled of 1.5 kilometers, this equates to a total distance of 70,424 kilometers, or over 23,000 kilometers. These figures are optimistic for universities and students alike, since they will experience not just a reduction in on-campus traffic congestion, but also a significant reduction in carbon emissions of nearly 6,000kg/CO2 each month.

Beam is delighted by the growth in riding thus far and will endeavor to bring its e-scooters to new cities in Malaysia. Beam will continue to engage proactively with the government, authorities, and regional councils to guarantee the safety of its passengers as it aims to encourage Malaysians to use public transportation and make short drives more enjoyable.

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