vivo announced today that Android 14 Beta 1 would be available for the iQOO 11 and vivo X90 Pro smartphones in Southeast Asia beginning May 11. The programme gives vivo developers early access to the newest Android experience, allowing them to test out new features and enhance app compatibility. The new Android 14 is expected to provide numerous significant improvements to the user experience, including improved device resource management, longer battery life, increased security and privacy, and additional personalization and accessibility capabilities.

Optimized device resource management and improved battery life

Android 14 will simplify background operations on smartphones by optimising how applications are enabled, boosting resource management and battery life.

One of the most notable improvements is that exact alarms, or activities that must occur at a specific time, are now prohibited by default since they can considerably waste the device’s resources, particularly battery life.

Enhanced security and privacy

Aside from enhanced battery life, Android 14 delivers a more secure device environment and allows consumers greater control over personal information protection. It adds a more privacy-friendly photo selection tool and minimises the requirement for programmes to directly get file read and write rights via system takeover.
A new permission confirmation pop-up in Android 14 will allow users to provide limited access to photographs and videos by selecting a range of media assets. Alternatively, the user has the option of granting or denying the app access to all media files.

To better protect the smartphone, Android 14 introduces constraints on implicit and pending intents, safer dynamic code loading, and further controls on launching background operations.

Further personalization and accessibility features

Android 14 improves personalization and accessibility features, such as setting up regional preferences for temperature units, the first day of the week, and the way numbers are shown based on the user’s specific requirements and preferences. Non-linear font scaling up to 200% has been included for accessibility. Non-linear scaling guarantees that all text is legible while maintaining the proportionate hierarchy between items of varying sizes.

vivo has been aggressive in assisting developers in adapting and optimising their apps for the current Android operating system in order to provide the best user experience possible. Beginning May 11, developers in Southeast Asia are welcome to visit the vivo Developers website and participate in the Android 14 Beta Program for the iQOO 11 and vivo X90 Pro.

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