The sleek BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer is now available for pre-order from 3 to 24 May 2023, with new owners receiving a complimentary BESPOKE Microwave Oven worth RM799!
The BESPOKE refrigerator, designed for you by you, gives you the flexibility to design your kitchen’s centrepiece to suit your home’s interior design with its customizable colour combination in not one, not two, but seven distinct BESPOKE colours: White + Pink, Vanilla + Peach, White + Peach, White + White, White + Vanilla, Cotta White + Cotta Charcoal, and White + Navy.

Aside from looks, the BESPOKE refrigerator also has Optimal Fresh+ and AI Energy Mode, which is a technology that continuously checks the temperature and circulates cool air through strategically placed vents to ensure your food stays fresh while allowing users to save both energy and money.
Check out the Retail Recommended Price for BESPOKE Top Mount Freezers with capacities ranging from 393L to 465L below:

Product NameModel CodeRRP (RM)
BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer465L, RT47CB66448ARM3,399
465L, RT47CB66448C
465L, RT47CB66448J
465L, RT47CB664422
415L, RT42CB66443PRM3,199
415L, RT42CB664412
415L, RT42CB66443V
415L, RT42CB6644C3
393L, RT38CB66448A

Be the first to own BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer and receive BESPOKE Microwave Oven worth RM799 for free when you early-order now from 3 to 24 May 2023 at

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