Samsung’s Unbox & Discover virtual broadcast showcased the most recent advancements in smart connection, sustainability efforts, premium viewing, and gaming experiences. The portfolio of 2023 TVs included Neo QLED 8K, Samsung OLED, sound devices, and monitors. The selection for this year is focused on improving the user experience by making complicated technologies more understandable and smoothly integrating them into people’s lives, while still delivering the superior image and sound quality that customers have come to expect from Samsung displays.

“At Samsung, we understand that technology should empower and enhance people’s lives, not complicate them,” said Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of DX (Device eXperience) Division at Samsung Electronics. “By choosing Samsung, consumers can expect to experience an unparalleled level of wow factors, all while participating in eco-conscious practices for a sustainable future.”

Five Foundations of SmartThings

JH Han emphasised the company’s dedication to innovation and calm tech in his inaugural comments, offering customers the newest technology that improve life. He specifically covered the five fundamental building blocks of SmartThings, which attempts to make setting up smart homes more convenient.

  • Instant Connection: SmartThings enables users to easily connect their devices in just one step, allowing them to enjoy the synergy created by Samsung devices more easily.
  • Automated Connection: SmartThings automatically connects devices, like TVs or smartphones, with other Samsung devices such as the air conditioner, dryer, refrigerator, and washer, eliminating the need for manual setup.
  • Hub Everywhere: The IoT hub is built into various Samsung products, including Samsung Smart TVs, making IoT setup a breeze.
  • Expansive Compatibility: SmartThings goes beyond just the Samsung ecosystem, enabling devices from any brand to work seamlessly together thanks to the Home Connectivity Alliance and the international IoT communication standard, MATTER.
  • Security: With CC EAL 6+ certification, the new Samsung Knox Vault hardware chip encrypts all information from connected devices, ensuring the highest level of security and offering peace of mind for users.

Samsung participated in the formation of the Home Connectivity Alliance because it recognised that consumers had varied digital ecosystems in their homes, allowing all of their favourite products to function together notwithstanding brand. Additionally, Samsung is paving the road for smarter homes in the spirit of real connection by supporting MATTER, an international IoT communication standard that has more than 220 worldwide enterprises as participants.

Relumino and everyday sustainability

Samsung is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology that improves their quality of life. Samsung prioritises sustainability at every stage of the product lifecycle, from product sourcing through manufacture, distribution, usage, and recycling. The company uses a variety of technologies to develop sustainable goods that help to create a healthier world for future generations.

  • Samsung is setting the standard for sustainability with three cutting-edge strategies: converting CO2 into recyclable materials, utilising less resources, and upcycling goods and packaging. Samsung’s 2023 televisions, computer monitors, and remote controllers employ recycled resin that is at least 50% composed of previously used materials. Additionally, Samsung has taken tremendous steps to guarantee that its packaging, from the box to every piece of wrapping within, is sustainable.
  • Samsung has also created an AI Energy Mode that puts consumers in control by assisting them in tracking their energy use and use trends. To decrease power consumption without interfering with the material being displayed on the screen, the AI Energy Mode function even analyses the video being played.
  • The third generation SolarCell Remote from Samsung is smaller and utilises less resources. Additionally, it requires no license, so any manufacturer may join Samsung in the effort to make the world a greener place.

With its most recent Relumino mode, Samsung has further demonstrated its dedication to provide a better, more inclusive viewing experience for everyone. The CES Innovation Award for 2023 went to Relumino mode, which aims to make it easier for viewers with vision impairments to follow along with videos.

Neo QLED 8K and Samsung OLED

At Unbox & Discover 2023, Samsung unveiled products and features designed to delivering innovative 8K experiences. The QN900C sits at the top of Samsung’s premium Neo QLED 8K lineup and is a standout model in the premium TV category. With groundbreaking technologies like Auto HDR Remastering and 8K AI upscaling, the QN900C is impressing industry experts and reviewers alike.

From true-to-life image quality to immersive acoustics, Samsung has once again raised the bar with the Neo QLED 8K. The business has launched a 98-inch model to its Neo QLED 8K collection, giving perfect colour reproduction and a lifelike degree of detail at a scale that gives a truly cinematic experience. It has enhanced sound with Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 to fully immerse viewers in each scene.

Furthermore, Samsung discussed its efforts to extend the 8K ecosystem by collaborating closely with numerous partners, including the 8K Association. Samsung is providing more options than ever before to experience native 8K video.

Samsung also touted its 2023 Samsung OLED portfolio, which has impeccable colour fidelity thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor 4K’s perceptional colour mapping, dubbed the “World’s First Pantone-Validated HDR OLED.”

True blacks and wonderfully lifelike images with outstanding contrast and colour expression are hallmarks of Samsung OLED. The S95C includes Samsung’s iconic Infinity One design, while the S90C model’s LaserSlim design adds a touch of refined metal finish.

Gaming at the Forefront with Gaming TVs and Monitors

Premium displays, from Neo QLED 8K to OLED and beyond, not only bring video and photo material to life in ultra-high quality, but can also elevate screen experiences such as gaming to new heights. From the huge screen to high-performance graphics cards that enable 8K resolution at high speeds, gaming on a 98-inch Neo QLED 8K gives an unequalled sense of immersion.

Samsung introduced the Odyssey Neo G9, the world’s first dual UHD resolution display, and the Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch curved screen with a strong sound system and multitasking capabilities, both for 2023. The new Odyssey models for 2023 will be available in 2H in 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 and 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 sizes, with unrivalled image quality and user experience.

Samsung has revamped its all-in-one gaming platform, the Gaming Hub, incorporating crucial feedback from thousands of players. The platform now features collaborations with Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik, and Xbox, letting players to play their favourite titles at high performance speeds directly from the cloud without the need for a console or PC.

In addition to advanced viewing features, the 2023 lineup includes gamer-centric features such as Game Bar, which puts gamer controls in the centre of the screen, as well as Mini Map Zoom and Virtual Aim Point, which can mean the difference between winning and losing in competitive gameplay.

You can watch the replay of the Unbox & Discover event in its entirety at Samsung Youtube. Stay tuned to find out more on our launch updates at Samsung Malaysia Newsroom. More exciting news com on 18 April 2023!

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