The HUAWEI P60, an icon resurrected and redefining a new level of mobile photos, aesthetic design, and all-around user experiences, was introduced by Huawei today in China as the company’s new flagship line.

The HUAWEI P60 series carries on the DNA of greatness and advances optical systems and aesthetically pleasing design. The HUAWEI P60 series has an improved optical system that produces the first ultra-concentrated night vision telephoto lens group, providing a lot of light that will take better pictures in low-light conditions while keeping the light-weight of the phone. The HUAWEI P60 series’ body design carries on the traditional layout of the family-style camera, which expresses the semantics of photography. It inherits the P-series design language, which seamlessly combines the lens’s capacity to focus light with the design of the “Aurora Eye,” which reinterprets the art of photography.

“Each generation of the HUAWEI P series is made of a perfect integration of smart imaging and technology. In pursuit of this, we have successfully launched a line-up of innovative P series one after another throughout the years. The HUAWEI P60 series offers a total upgrade in its design, imaging technology as well as the operating system – redefining a new era of mobile photography technology,” said Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei, CEO of Device BG, and CEO of Intelligent Vehicle Solution BU.

The main camera

The focal point of the lens module on the HUAWEI P60 line is the primary camera. The phone is equipped with a powerful main camera, ultra-telephoto and dual ultra-wide-angle lenses which are distributed on the upper and lower sides of the main camera; with transparent multi-floating sensor layered design, it provides better light intake and more focus – presenting a more eye-catching and clearer image of the iconic “Aurora eye”.

The quad-curved screen design of the HUAWEI P60 series creates a narrower, equilateral effect of the screen with dark borders, which is thought to help achieve a more realistic viewing experience. The four elongated sides of the screen are also slightly curved. The phone’s display has a 1-120Hz automated reaction dynamic refresh rate that balances battery usage and smooth images. It is hailed as the first smartphone in the world to receive TÜV Rheinland Colour Accuracy Certification. To make sure the screen is effective and constant with the phone display, P3 accurate color projection is used.

The P60 features the first “Mother-of-pearl design,” which was inspired by Rococo style and uses natural mineral bead powder to give the phone a lustrous but distinctively natural feel.

Ultra Lighting XMAGE Imaging Style

The HUAWEI P line is supported by cutting-edge photography technology. The optical system has been updated and rebuilt for the HUAWEI P60 series, which is outfitted with a 50 MP ultra-bright primary camera, a big aperture, and a high transmittance OIS anti-shake system. In addition, Huawei’s proprietary RYYB color array can significantly boost the quantity of light hitting the complete optical system while keeping the phone’s slim profile. In scenes with high light ratios, such as sunrise and dusk, the extremely big light input in combination with XD Fusion Pro can also offer extremely high dynamic range.

The quantity of light hitting the telephoto camera can be significantly increased thanks to the RYYB sensor and the wide F2.1 aperture. Users can easily capture every moment of beauty that captured their eyes even at night, even if they are out and about in the city at night. This is because the illumination details of the faraway object can still be photographed with clarity.

With the telephoto module’s super sensitivity and focus abilities, the Huawei P60 Pro is now able to perfectly render moonlight in the distance while preserving the detail of the objects surrounding it. This enables users to easily create moon-related themes, such as the moon among the trees and the moon peeking out from the clouds.

Strong communication tools, seamless user experience

The HUAWEI P60 line combines cutting-edge technology for a superior experience. It works with the BeiDou satellite tracking system, which enables users to transmit texts and location data even when they are outside of a network’s signal range. A new function called “Quick Help” has also been introduced for the P60 series, which will focus relief efforts.

Huawei P60 and P60 Pro enable 88W cable Super-Fast Charge Turbo and 50W wireless Super-Fast Charge, respectively. When in Turbo mode, HUAWEI P60 Pro can charge to half capacity in just 10 minutes.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Smart Life

To create a more sophisticated and secure system experience, Huawei merged the product DNA imagery and aesthetics of the P series with HarmonyOS’s straightforward, user-friendly, smooth, and secure nature. The brand-new XMAGE UX has a new zoom handle that can improve magnification performance. The “Treasure Box” feature of the camera organizes the function buttons to make one-handed photography easier.

The inventor of creative sensibilities broke through design limitations

In addition to satisfying users’ creative requirements for capturing beautiful moments, the HUAWEI P60 Art artistic design also provides more creative art motivation in terms of design aesthetics.
The HUAWEI P60 Art design uses artistic interpretation of free lines and curved surfaces to interpret inspirational imagery. It creates an organic lens design by combining an island camera shape with ripple texture of light and shadow at the back of the phone, simulating waves skimming over blue islands and beaches that reflect the changing beauty of color and light frozen in the palm of your hand. With their individuality, freedom, and limitless potential, each person’s spiritual quest is portrayed in this version.

Following the successful launch of the HUAWEI P60 series in China, it has been revealed that Huawei may be launching the highly anticipated phone in Malaysia soon, where Malaysians can look forward to the official announcement through Huawei Official Website, Huawei Official Facebook Page or Huawei Official Instagram Page.

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