• New Managed Service Powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability Provides End-to-End Visibility Across Network, Infrastructure, and Applications

NTT Ltd., a well-known infrastructure and services provider, today announced 360 Observability’s launch. The managed solution enables businesses to get comprehensive visibility over their hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, cloud-native applications, and business context across the entire IT stack.

It combines application monitoring for thorough insight into contingent performance issues so teams can promptly address issues with end-to-end maturity assessments of architectures and strategies connected to desired business results and KPIs.

Modern apps nowadays work in extremely complicated, dispersed environments. Because they lack insights connected to business outcomes, teams often fail to offer safe, excellent, and dependable digital experiences.

NTT’s 360 Observability, powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability, goes beyond domain monitoring to provide a comprehensive approach to application performance, digital experiences, optimisation, multi-cloud infrastructure, and network and application security. Using 360 Observability, teams can proactively identify, prioritise, and fix the most crucial problems that could have an impact on the user experience and the whole company.

“For more than 30 years, NTT has helped clients with digital and cloud transformation. Our observability solution marks a new chapter for NTT and our clients,” said Oscar Garcia, Global SVP of strategy and technology, NTT Managed Cloud Services. “With Cisco technology, clients will have an end-to-end performance view across systems, applications, multiple clouds and networks using advanced analytics and automation to transform operations and deliver a superior customer experience.”  

— From NTT officials

360 Observability is comprised of two components :

  1. Observability Maturity Assessment: Provides the experience and knowledge needed to improve performance management and operational maturity, allowing teams to align with information technology and business goals and objectives. This evaluation identifies designs and methods for achieving desired business outcomes, as well as quantifiable KPIs..
  2. Multi-cloud Application Monitoring: Delivers data-driven insights into application performance from the browser and mobile app to application middleware and backend databases. It consists of a team of observability engineers and consultants that provide technical support and consulting services to help the observability platform run and be optimised.

360 Observability’s key features include application and infrastructure health checks, customised monitoring dashboards, intelligent alarms and reports, and problem isolation and acceleration. Year-round proactive application monitoring gives businesses real-time, complete insight into the whole data stack, while observability analyses save costs and improve performance. This increases income for digital businesses, encourages proactive issue identification at the root, and enables speedy correction.

“Increasingly, customers want the flexibility to consume the most advanced observability and analytics as a managed service,” said Alexandra Zagury, VP of Partner Managed and as-a-Service Sales at Cisco. “NTT’s 360 Observability demonstrates how these capabilities can be jointly developed and delivered, built on a foundation of Cisco Full-Stack Observability, to help our shared customers achieve superior digital experiences, drive revenue, and accelerate digital transformation.”

Find out more about NTT’s 360 Observability solutions, here.

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