The vivo V25 Pro, a flagship phone with notable features that allows users to shoot clear and high-quality night photos, was introduced by vivo Malaysia. The first sale of the vivo V25 Pro will take place on V25 Pro Superday, which will be held in Sunway Pyramid, Orange Court, and One Utama, Old Wing from September 24 to October 23, 2022.

The vivo V25 Pro costs RM2,499, while the TWS Air Earbud costs RM179. Customers who purchase the vivo V25 Pro will receive free gifts worth up to RM697, including Foome TWS Earbuds worth RM199, a 1-year extended warranty worth RM199, and a 1-year screen crack protection worth RM299.

With its Super Night Portrait, Super Night Video mode, and other key unique features, the vivo V25 Pro is designed to allow users to take amazing portrait masterpieces at night.

  • Super Night Portrait

The vivo V25 Pro is able to address this problem with its OIS, Super Night Portrait and Bokeh Flare Portrait. The OIS automatically detects the environment, especially during the night, and gets activated. It works in synergy with the AI Skin Retouching Algorithm to make faces look brighter and more detailed. In addition to that, if point light sources are present in the background, bokeh flares will be added. These soft bokeh flares blur the busy background, making the subject stand out more. vivo’s own RAWHDR3.0 algorithm faithfully restore highlights, colours and brightness by adopting a more rational process and making more detailed colour adjustments. The Real-Time Extreme Night Vision feature also allows one to preview how bright the image is in real time. Users can manually adjust the exposure and brightness during preview.

  • Super Night Video

It reduces noise and helps brighten night footage, so users can capture wonderful memories with one simple tap even when it’s dark. The resulting footage brims with exquisite detail, looking bright and clear. Users have the option to turn on bokeh portrait video. The newest AI algorithm recognises depth-of-field and accurately separates characters from the background, focusing on the former while blurring the latter, making the picture much more cinematic. When a spotlight source is present in the background, it will be turned into a natural, soft flare, making the individual look like a big star in a video that is more artistic.

  • Vlog Movie

It includes 9 built-in vlog templates to cover common everyday video scenarios. Scripts are also available in real-time to guide users on how to move the camera, add special effects, apply filters, and add background music. In short, it shows users how to create a professional vlog step by step.

The vivo V25 Pro provides exceptional 5G capabilities and greater AI imaging capacity to its users, thanks to its quasi-flagship octa-core CPU, MediaTek Dimensity 1300, and 12GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM. When exposed to UV light, the revolutionary Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass brings out the fun and creativity of its users by displaying different colours at different angles. The vivo V25 Pro Surfing Blue edition shifts from light sky blue to deep ocean blue.

For more details on the vivo V25 Pro, stay tuned to vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.

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