Health & Wellness – These are the trendy words people frequently hear about and which many people aspire to have. It’s not difficult to get good health and wellness. A thorough awareness of your current health, lifestyle, and desired goals is all that’s needed, together with a dependable personal wellness coach like the Samsung Health app to support and guide you there.

Samsung Health makes pursuing health and wellness goals simple, enjoyable, and connected by providing a full array of health management tools, from health index management to individualised coaching programmes and health community. Additionally, it is accessible on screens of all sizes, including your Galaxy wearables on your wrist, phone, and smart TV.

What Could Your Personal Health Coach Help You Achieve?

1) Improve Overall Fitness by Reaching for Body Composition Target

With the Galaxy Watch5 Series’ powerful Samsung BioActive sensors, notably the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor, you may quickly get a complete picture of your body composition with a single 15-second touch. Having clear targets and methods can help you get your desired outcomes sooner, whether your ideal body goal is to bulk up or reduce weight. So, when you start your exercise journey, establish precise body composition goals in the Samsung Health app, such as increasing muscle mass or decreasing body fat percentage. To keep you motivated, the app will offer you daily motivational advice, follow-up reminders, and achievement badges.

2) Build Better Sleep Habits with Sleep Coaching Program

The overall quality of your sleep is just as important as the sleeping hours (quantity). You may enhance your sleep hygiene by using the Galaxy Watch5 to gain insightful information about your habits during each stage of sleep. After examining your habits, Samsung Health will pair you with the adorable Sleep Symbol animal that most closely resembles you. It will then create a one-month Advanced Sleep Coaching programme just for you, complete with daily objectives like exercising, meditating, avoiding naps, and more.

3) Be Aware Of Your Lifestyle and Your Heart’s Reactions To Them

Your health, particularly the health of your heart, may be greatly impacted by the things you eat, the emotions you experience, and the behaviours you engage in. Sleeping in late, not exercising, eating badly, and having negative feelings are all harmful lifestyle choices that signal the onset of heart disease. Samsung Health will continually track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, food intake, and everyday activities throughout the day in order to motivate you to become aware of and evaluate your wellbeing. If any harmful habits or strange symptoms are found, the app will alert you.

4) Manage Women’s Health

Womens’s Health in Samsung Health, in collaboration with the Glow app, provides useful support in menstrual cycle-related symptom management as well as customised insights and information to the women we all love. Glow’s predictions will grow smarter over time as it learns a user’s cycle pattern, and you can utilise the data to create reminder alarms for ideal times for health-related activities and take control of your reproductive health.

Download the Samsung Health app now and get yourself a Galaxy Wearable like the Galaxy Watch5 Series to start living healthy. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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