The Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the successor to the Galaxy Buds Pro, is now available for pre-order! Additionally, consumers will receive the adorably cute Buds Cover inspired by the Galaxy foldable flagship worth RM99 as a free gift with every purchase of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro by 1 September 2022! When you take the Galaxy Buds2 Pro out sporting the Galaxy Buds Cover, just think of all the adorable photos, interesting conversations, and memorable moments you’ll have! Pre-ordering them now is definitely a double W (or win-win).

The all-new Galaxy Buds2 Pro delivers the excellent sound and user experience you deserve, whether you’re talking to your closest friends, vlogging how you decorate your earbud casing or listening to your epic playlists. They come in three striking colours: Bora Purple, Graphite, and White, and are exceedingly light, pleasant to wear, and trendy.

See the table below for further information on the pre-order discounts on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro:

ProductRRPColour AvailabilityRewards
Galaxy Buds2 ProRM899– Bora Purple
– Graphite
– White
One complimentary Galaxy Buds Cover (worth RM99)

Start exploring the new world of sound from the Galaxy Buds2 Pro here:

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