This Merdeka, lift your spirits and give your home a new look with Samsung’s Celebrating the New Together promotion and its innovative, fashion-forward home appliances. Malaysians can enjoy savings of up to RM1,200, purchase with purchase (PWP) offers, and e-wallet credit of up to RM400 when they buy from any authorised Samsung store or dealer until 30 September 2022.

If you want to add some flair to your bedroom, why not incorporate the new BESPOKE Cube? This stylish yet highly functional air purifier features WindFreeTM technology, which disperses air quietly and gently by creating a’still’ air environment, allowing you to go about your day without interruption or irritation. The Bespoke CubeTM Air Purifier’s multi sterilisation system includes Electric Field Sterilization, which sterilises 99 percent of the bacteria collected by the hybrid dust-collecting filter in an electric field using an electrostatic discharger. Its deodorization filter can also remove odours and toxic gases, and the UV LED fan sterilises 99.9 percent of the fan’s germ-prone areas.

With our BESPOKE refrigerators, you can take your bespoke journey to a whole new level and elevate the look of your kitchen. These beautiful appliances, whether the BESPOKE 1-Door Flex Convertible or the BESPOKE Bottom Mount Refrigerator, offer Samsung’s trademark large capacity, convenience, and powerful cooling performance. The Power Cool and Power Freeze features deliver a burst of cold or freezing air at the touch of a button, while All-Around Cooling constantly monitors the temperature to keep food at an optimum temperature and fresher for longer.

Add these products into your cart before it’s gone:

Product NameRRPPromo
E-Wallet CreditPromotion
Side by Side with Family Hub, 660LRM9,399RM400– 
BESPOKE 1-Door Flex Convertible Refrigerator (Glam Pink)RM5,499RM200
BESPOKE 1-Door Flex Convertible Refrigerator (Glam White)RM5,499RM200
BESPOKE Bottom Mount Refrigerator (Glam White with Bottom Glam Navy Blue)RM5,499RM200
BESPOKE Bottom Mount Refrigerator (Glam White with Bottom Glam Pink)RM5,499RM200
Front Load Washer with Hygiene Steam, 17KGRM4,999RM3,999RM200– 
WindFree™ Premium Plus, 2.5HP (2022)RM4,549RM200 –
WindFree™ Deluxe, 2.5HP (2022)  RM4,099RM150
BESPOKE Cube™ Air Purifier, 53 ㎡RM3,399RM3,199RM100– 
BESPOKE Jet complete+ (Woody Green)RM4,399RM200PWP Spray Spinning Brush (VCA-WBA95/GL) @ RM399
BESPOKE Jet premium (Midnight Blue)RM3,899RM200PWP Jet Dual Brush (VCA-TABA95) @ RM299
BESPOKE Jet complete (Misty White)RM3,699RM200– 
Convection Microwave Oven with HOT BLAST™, 35L (Charcoal)RM1,959RM50 –
Convection Microwave Oven with HOT BLAST™, 35L (Pink)RM1,959RM50 –

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping from today until 30 September 2022 to enjoy these deals. For more information, please visit

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