With teasers now available for public viewing, HONOR is not holding back on disclosing more information about its next mega launch, with the confirmation of the HONOR 70 to cause waves in the Malaysian scene. The most recent flagship model from HONOR will have a 2MP depth sensor in addition to Sony’s IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera, which has 50MP and doubles as an ultrawide and macro camera.

HONOR 70 the world’s first taking Sony’s next-gen IMX800 sensor

Honor 70, the first smartphone in the world to have the IMX800 sensor has a /1.49 sensor and a wide aperture of f/1.9. The IMX800 in the HONOR 70 surpassed its predecessor in terms of clarity, quality, and low-light capabilities, increasing the dynamic range by 23% when compared to the IMX766 frequently found in mainstream flagships.
With the HONOR 70’s low-light, backlit, and night shooting modes, smartphone photographers can now elevate their photography skills to a whole new level.

Low Light and Backlit Photography Supreme

Since the Sony IMX800 Super Sensing Camera is a first-of-its-kind feature, photography performance is to be expected. The reliable sensor has made low-light photography clearer and noisier-free, making smartphone photos generally more effective. Photos demonstrate how well the HONOR 70 handles low light conditions, especially in backlit scenes, providing the proper background details without overexposing while preserving the rich details of the overall ambience.

Ultrawide Camera for a Larger Point of View

The secondary main camera is 50MP and supports simultaneous 2.5cm macro and 122 degrees of ultrawide shooting. With such a camera advantage and in the same price range, the HONOR 70 is a rare discovery. The photo samples showed that the angled photos taken with the HONOR 70 with the 50 high megapixel shooting showed minimal to no distortion and had exactly the perfect amount of colour and brightness management. In terms of macro, the HONOR 70 automatically shifts when it approaches a subject too close, enabling clear, clean shots at close range.

HONOR 70 the one to behold

As HONOR unveils more about what’s to come, there is more reason to be thrilled about the HONOR 70’s upgrade into photography. The HONOR 70’s IMX800 primary camera makes it a sight to behold because of its very sophisticated image platform, the HONOR Image Engine. There is still a lot to learn, so be excited and keep checking the official HONOR Malaysia Facebook page and website for updates on the upcoming HONOR 70.

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