• HUAWEI Nova Y70’s large display, large battery, large storage, and improved compatibility with AppGallery

The HUAWEI nova Y70 is the best option if you want a smartphone that won’t break the bank but yet has a few high-end features. The HUAWEI nova Y70 is an excellent choice for both the casual smartphone user and smartphone enthusiasts thanks to its incredible battery life and lovely display for a phone in this price range.

While there are many great reasons to get a HUAWEI nova Y70 for yourself, they compiled the top four reasons to get one.

Say Goodbye to Sorry-My-Phone-Battery-Died Drama  

Why get yourself in this battery drama when you have the option of getting a phone with large battery?Three hours of continuous video playback are possible with the nova Y70’s 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge technology on a single ten-minute charge. You can rely on your device to last in a pinch if you run out of battery since turning on Low Battery Mode at 5 % power gives you up to 12 hours of standby time before powering down. Only twice a week’s worth of charging is required for the huge 6000 mAh battery. You won’t have to worry about the battery running out in the middle of your favourite drama thanks to the incredibly extended battery life on Viu from AppGallery!

HUAWEI Fullview Display Provides More Room for Viewing the Screen

The 6.75-inch Huawei FullView Display is a feature of the Huawei Nova Y70. The HUAWEI nova Y70 can display more stuff at a larger size, whether it’s images, videos, or gaming. The smartphone’s screen also features an industry-leading 10-point Multi-Touch technology to give a quick response even when the user is using several finger to play games, especially shooting games. The Multi-Touch would be useful if you’re also a skilled player of Mobile Legends or Garena Free Fire because it would help you move up in tier!

Make Epic Moment Lasts with AI Triple Camera

The device’s AI Triple Experience provided strong, elevated photography directly from your smartphone. The 48MP high-resolution main camera, the 120° 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and the 2MP depth camera make up the AI Triple Camera.

The HUAWEI nova Y70 greatly improves the quality of images captured when combined with the optimised Huawei algorithms, ensuring that every shot is of the highest quality even when shooting against the light, reducing noise, with a larger dynamic range, and increasing the quality of images whether you’re shooting portraits or scenery.

You may take more lively, sharply focused, and higher-quality photos with your phone thanks to the Triple Camera’s multiple camera feature options.

Using the nova Y70 to take great pictures, post them on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and amaze your friends with your fancy camera!

Plus, A Gigantic 128GB Internal Storage

The HUAWEI nova Y70 has 128GB of storage, which can store more than 60 movies, 13,000 songs, and 170 television episodes. A MicroSD card offers up to 512GB of storage if you require more space for all of your favourite content.

Additionally, the EROFTS super file compression technology will make it easier and faster to download content. Users don’t need to worry about taking too many images or downloading a lot of music albums thanks to this large amount of storage.

While each of these features is fantastic on its own, together they make a fantastic device with a reliable battery, a big screen, a great camera, and lots of storage. Together, these features create a compelling visual user experience that makes it simple to consume content nonstop.

Available in three colours – Midnight Black, Crystal Blue, and Pearl White. Priced at RM699, consumers can purchase the smartphone on HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Experience Stores and participating HUAWEI Partner Stores such as HUAWEI Flagship Store on Lazada and HUAWEI Official Store on Shopee. For more information, visit the HUAWEI Official Website  or  HUAWEI Facebook.

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